made the mistake of reading the moxie blog post and, what is it with web3 people being utterly unable to imagine a better world?

"let's add more privacy and make to easier to do a capitalism" is just, sad.

tech people really have just given up or are profiting from the system.


@ln they believe that capitalism is the natural order of things. I've had way too many conversations that ended with what essentially was, "there's no escaping capitalism, it is as natural as evolution".

They even go as far as saying, "just go off in the woods and build communism, capitalism lets you do that. If it is better, it'll win in the market".

Bro, no. Capitalism will kill us if it starts succeeding. That's what capitalists do. (they're always bros aren't they)


@sabogato that sums it up. just the last bit, i've seen to many not-men also jump on that bandwagon.

but hey, as long as someone is willing to try better things, there's hope.


@ln what really blows my mind is how much time and energy (both human and electricity) had gone into recreating the mechanisms of capitalism.

They can't see that the concentration of wealth/power isn't the symptom of centralization, the centralization is a symptom of capitalism. 🤯


@sabogato @ln kill you? what? that's not a free market


@sabogato @ln That's a lazy response. Anyway you don't have to read history. Just look at what the 'free' in free market means. It means freedom of choice, i.e. freedom from coercion. Killing someone for making a successful society based on a political theory is an example of coercion.

pol, evo, at the risk of sounding like a creationist but i assure you i am not 

@sabogato @ln it really doesn't help that the early foundational work on evolution was so heavily influenced by the capitalist mindsets of its time... we've gotten a lot better in the past decade or two but the "survival of the fittest" eternal-struggle competition rhetoric runs deep in the popular imagination

@ln ( @meena boosted ) they have a different idea than you as to what a better world consists of, obviously

@ln @meena They’re AnCaps, and this is almost the world they want.

A small minority of tech people haven’t given up, but destroying capitalist tech isn’t profitable or popular.

@ln In moxies case I think they're just too self centered to see how they've always been a stone throw from being as bad as big tech while walking straight towards it..

For years signal has been saying that centralization is the only way but that it's ok cause they're somehow more trustworthy. And they've failed to be trustworthy so many times.

@ln Actually, after I wrote this, I remembered how bad the whole crypto bullshit was and now I can't even convince myself that they were misguidedly trying to do good all these years..

@ln tech people are some of the capitalismiest capitalismers who've ever capitalismed

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