due to me being a mess, i took a wrong train and had to spend an hour more at home than planned. but that gave me the chance to pick up the boards i missed in the morning.

the surface finish and mask alignment is not good but who cares, they'll do just fine :3

After i missed the other boards earlier today, i got some perfect purple PCBs from oshpark :3

It's a magnetic current sense board with an Aceinna MCR1101. Just need to order the ICs now and get to assembling one or two.

in this episode of elen's strange drinks: hell energy latte.
it's a bit disappointing, it tastes just like canned coffee. but has 40mg/100ml caffeine. that's it. no weird and horrible tastes... but it's a nice change for oncr :D

went to a posh app store, they had signal *and* sudocream!

one of my favourite ones is this. you can't see how incredibly tired i'm in this one. also i almost fell asleep on the floor a few days prior to that because Zoé and i were assembling boards all night.

we put soooo much effort into all this. and it worked. kinda.

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look what the postman dragged in! multimeter says 4.11V, so looks like they're pre-charged.

now i need to finish my coin cell charger board. these should be 120mAh if i remember correctly.

oh and they are totally adorable and chonky at the same time, i just love em.

do you ever just get carried away and a few hours later you find yourself in front of a schematic for yet another dc/dc? just me?
thought as much...

need to pick some cap/resistor values still and add some fluff, but it's looking good.

i wish i had some money to upgrade my setup for taking pictures through the microscope, but a smartphone has to suffice for now.

it's likely the chip on a lead-frame, there's a BGA variant now which is chip-scale and smaller too.

if you stare too long into KiCad you you'll start to make shitty block diagrams with it.

anyways. i put a lot of thought into it today as to which features i really need to have and what would be nice to have and i'm happy with it now. i'll start layouting it tomorrow :3

finished the boards and made component placement and bom files for JLC. i want to make some more stuff to order too.

also went to the post office earlier, check it out! legs for days :D

here's the second revision of the routing. rotated some components and reassigned some signals and it was soo much easier now to do. also added a Qwiic connector footprint instead of having pins for the extra I²C. the pin headers are properly spaced for breadboard use too.

selfie, ec 

Felt cute, might finish routing boards later :3

Aaaaand done. And by done i mean i should re-do the whole thing because now i know where the problems are. And i can assign the pins better to suite the layout and not cross all the USB signals. but it's enough for today :3

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i'm pretty happy with the placement now. a quick break and then i'll route it.

current progress of the PD sink board.
i decided to make it a bit bigger so the M3 mounting holes have a 30mm spacing. placing still needs a bit of work, but i'm mostly happy with it.

there's also a lot of space still for future revisions with possibly more features.

i actually just wanted to make the symbol and not a whole schematic at once...

anyways, not quite finished but it was a fun exercise. the Propeller 2 is a neat chip.

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