hydroponics gardening 

here's what it looks like below the lid. this one's a strong boi. i'm soo excited to see all the small and strong ones grow more.

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hydroponics gardening 

away for just a week and suddenly there's some big chilis already on this one.
the nice thing is, in the buckets they really don't need much water. if everything is set up correctly we could leave them alone for weeks.
unfortunately that doesn't apply to the ones in soil, even though there's a water reservoir below them with a few liters. just so much evaporates that it really only is good for a few days in this heat.

got bonked by this calico

it's really fun how some cats will just forcefully headbutt your hand :D

ln's travels 

this IC 2915 has non-restricted wifi??? got 17Mb/s down 15Mb/s up. nice.

also according to the schedule it's not stopping in Salzburg? haha, okay i guess. i need to go further anyways.

oh, non-planned stop in Kufstein. cool, cool.

anynya, have some mountains!

selfie, ec 

this tran is on a train. mountains here i come!

hydroponics gardening 

and here it is, our balcony garden. we have a lot more plants than buckets so we have to buy some more buckets tomorrow and start a second row.

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as promised, the wonky chili in a glas jar

ln's travels 

uhhhh, alright. let's get away from here.

(license plates here are bound to cars, so they don't identify owners)

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selfie, ec 

tired trans on train. RJX 63 is *completely* full. fun fun fun.

now just eight more hours of sitting here :3

holy shit. a wifi hotspot with opening hours. now I've seen it all.

edea progress 

schematic merge from command line: ✅
wrapping to the next row if there's too many sheets: ✅

this is it. this is what i needed to finish so that all the other work is unblocked.

today i spent the whole day on a tool to parse and analyze bank account statements (for some analytics).
and then @uint8_t designed a logo for it :D

may i present you the newest Fully Automated Montagsprodukt: fastFIN, for those accounts you'd rather squint at instead of taking a closer look.

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