Finished the small PMOD i was working on. Now also with silly silkscreen.
It's a dual QSPI PSRAM module with a LED on the one free pin on the connector ;)
The IC is the Lyontek LY68L6400, which can be ordered on LCSC. I will upload the design files after i verified the hardware.

Quick and dirty cell holder design for BMS testing.

Now let's hope the real ones look as good as this render :D

Playing late-night BIOS roulette. How many flashing cycles will it take to become the most recent one? Or will it break?

Yesterday everything was free from snow again and over night the linden tree lost a few branches already :(
Don't buy off-brand branch predictors from intel, kids.


It already stopped snowing for now, but here's a pic while it did.

travel, pics 

Kids, don't play with 40Ah batteries. It's dangerous. Zoé is now printing a plastic wrench to screw in the M6 screws.

Here's all the boards we assembled yesterday. I'm so glad this is done.

Oh. It *broke* off. That's... interesting.

But nonetheless, that's it for tonight. Have a good one and thanks for watching this mess :D

Second board is in, this time with a better view of the inductor.

If you compare it with the previous post, you can nicely see that the chungus inductor reflowed nicely. The excess solder wicked out under it and is holding the pad now very firmly.

First board is in the oven. This is one of the x-out, so it's bit that bad if it doesn't turn out perfect on the first try.

Almost done, just a few more MOSFETs which are really esd-sensitive and on into the oven with them.

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