once in a while, i work all day which leads to interesting recipes because i forgot to buy groceries.

i present you: the Naángos; lángos inspired naan bread. lots of garlic, sour cream (if you don't have any tejföl) and cheese on top.

it tastes amazing 😋

semiconductor mfg osint 

but naming can vary.

My second result leads to mouser.com/PCN/STMicroelectron distributors thankfully host PCNs for parts
as vendors mostly only give them to you if you're subscribed to changes.

reading this report gives us all kinds of interesting information, but the thing i want is on page 4:

TSMC 0.18µm, that's what we wanted to know. A few pages down it gets further detailed as "TSMC 0.18 Generic Embedded Flash logic TSMC" produced in Fab3 in Taiwan.

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schematic in progress.

i'm doodling a motor controller again because i still haven't finished that project...
the plan is to put the high power parts (and bulk capacitance) on an alu-carrier PCB which will then be screwed on a heatsink.


my mental health is still all over the place but at least i'm making progress on the important stuff again :3

i'm working on the basics for the EDeA web interface now so that i have the workflow of "add repositories, add to workbench, download merged kicad project" running.
it makes me really happy working on this again, because every little change has instant feedback instead of waiting a month and then the PCB doesn't work...

so. many. cables. cut, stripped and crimped a few hundred ends today and still a lot more to go.

good tools are invaluable, but ordering cables made to specification is even better.
(this is done in a hurry so it wasn't an option this time >.>)

got some bisexual tweezers for placing components, to make our projects even better :3

Fully Automated: putting the gay communism into electronics.
(still working on the luxury and space parts)

my pinecil arrived \o/

it's really great and i love the dual power options! it's very nice to hold and the only thing i wish is that the rubber would be pink :D blue is a bit boring but, i mean, it's the pine64 colour scheme i guess.

also it solders great, can recommend!

uwu, uwuuwu. this is a STM32L031U6! 32kb flash, 8kb ram and ohhhh, 1kb eeprom. guess that's where the LUTs are.

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new sensor, who dis?

while the CO2 microphone isn't available yet, the SCD30 will have to do :3

i re-did the input protection section and put the filter after the tvs, where it makes a lot more sense.

also most of the rails are supplied by one converter so only that one needs to hang on the enable pin, all the others can be tied to their supply.

i always thought "Engineer" sounds like a white label, cheap tool brand. But it's actually the opposite and just looking at this tool makes me think i'm sitting in a hangar and repairing a gundam.

what i want to do: $new stuff which is interesting
what i end up doing: power supplies.

i need to re-do the input section still because i want input protection for up to 30V because i want +/-16V supply rails for analog stuff.

this gets me out of bed in the morning, beautiful diagrams. that, and fear and dread.

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Got some pretty boards today and soldered the USB connector to it. I accidentally shorted shield to ground on one but eh ^^

Unfortunately i forgot to check footprints and now they're incompatible with the cheaper connectors i have 🙄

a web developer getting into backend development.

This solder pot is a very good lesson in cutting costs w/o sacrificing value. No sharp edges on the outside one can touch, PE properly connected and even a fuse inside.

The painted metal is also very sturdy.

Who would win?
Virgin CQ solder wire vs. Chad Haosen solder bar.

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