Thermal cameras are fun 

My little charger for the LTOs is coming along nicely. Unfortunately there aren't many parts that can charge a single LTO cell on its own, but this very chinese ic should do the trick (CN3765).
The MAX17261 fuel gauge will be used to characterise the cells so I can match them capacity-wise and see how they perform.
The PCB will then be in the Adafruit feather wing format, because that's a nice fit and I want to try to design a feather too.

This is going to be a very powerful battery pack. I'm curious how the Lithium-Titanate cells will perform. This will only have around 200Wh of capacity, but a very long lifetime. Though I need to wait until Winter to then test it in below freezing conditions.

Choose the perfect time for a layover in Warsaw 


ESD sensitive content 

When you're late to the party because you need to finish that project you started on day 0. Streams FTW.

I just soldered some pins to a few ESP8266 boards for light control @MacLemon @uint8_t

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