@steph i mean, we already had db-9 in space, it was time for an upgrade

electronics nonse 

just thought about building a motor driver with an STM32G431 and calling it... STDrive.

i'll see myself out.

@steph consider: a bigger boat. also stores more cuties

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@AgathaSorceress apparently you're not supposed to propose we guillotine the billionaires

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> NRAM is non-volatile memory utilizing a new technology called carbon nanotubes


i think i'm gonna make a separate account "adventures of business catgirl" where i just infodump about projects and ideas that float in my head and nice chips i see and stuff.

now i just need to think of a handle and find an avi >.>

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doing hot girl shit (not in the biblical sense)

@ripper Getriebe, Triebwerke, alles das gleiche 🤷‍♀️

Zoé just invented a cocktail out of necessity tonight: the molyirtó. taste resembles a mojito but with none of the ingredients.

@s0 in the positive, but negative-pressure sense.

@s0 i got an engineer brand one recently and it really sucks.


@uint8_t @JennyFluff oh i'm sure as hell gonna get into trouble again with export control...

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Elen once again brewed a vantablack

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