@sophistoche me too :( and the fact that they raised the prices for the unpopular solder mask colours. but in this order there's one design with white solder mask too, i'm excited how it will look.

this means we'll have at least one design per colour from JLC :D

Just ordered PCBs for seven different projects from JLCPCB. Let's see how this goes. Five of the designs were done by Zoé, the other two by me.
I hope they arrive before the holidays.


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A hyena is basically a dog flashed with cat firmware.

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After I realized that 6 pins of the ESP-12F are literally unusable, changed the wiring a bit (I was able to keep most of the functionality with minor restrictions) tihs is fully routed and done. But I don't feel particularly good about the layout; I want to make it more compact.

This is an RGBW + WS2812 LED driver with ESP8266 and 3-A DC/DC regulator. There are headers for 3 PIR sensors, so it's possible to detect motion, and also in different sectors (movement direction on corridors).

Why have i never read the SIGBOVIK proceedings before? This is amazing (sigbovik.org/).

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@nia ohhhh, want. but apparently only Qualcomm has them yet :/ a sunxi version would be nice, best in a compute module form-factor to make a neat cluster out of it.
And yeah, the more i know about broadcom, the less i trust them.

@nia what if we just went with in-order cisc? 🤔
But yeah, those nice Cortex-A53 are better than ever.

@nia hey, maybe they will fix all those issues when they finally release some of those sweet sweet 10nm CPUs.

Can't get enough sleep? Messy sleep cycle?
Try naps! Why only feel the dread of not having slept enough once a day, when you can have it twice!

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My flat has proceeded to honk everytime my laptop homnks. its becoming an issue

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@violet you only say that because the TDRS-8 is on the Ka band today

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