@steph "gay orbitals" "enby space", it's not *that* hard

also, it's only half-joking. it's possible to get access to shakers and such for testing ^^

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sooo, anyone have free launch capacity for a cubesat? we want to build a nyansat with a tail of ws2812b's and retractable cat ears.

(the local hackerspace is a good environment for ideas 🤣)

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@lethalbit all biotech researchers are cowards for not figuring out how to get me some hecking cat ears

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hot take: the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident are all of us; the resulting anti-nuclear movement made further transition to carbon neutral nuclear impossible

just got pcb fab spam and the other recipients were cc'd. i read one of them as bečtronics and if i ever start a company in vienna, this will be a strong contender for a name :D

boards boards boards!

free-wheeling ferret assembly will commence when parts from 🐁 r arrive.

dw, is just IDC connectors :3 (they don't sell batteries afaik)

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"hey ln, did the order of lithium batteries from LCSC ever arrive?"

@uint8_t @shoofle i'm going to assemble some today :3
they're 16 LEDs per board 1W/LED and ~45% efficiency.

@datacop noted for future reference :) the current design is for 2.4GHz unfortunately...

next step: let's build a VNA. getting that LimeSDR ages ago finally pays off :3 myriadrf.org/news/limesdr-made

always wanted a VNA but couldn't justify spending >2k on one, this will do just fine :D

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@ln Finishing projects takes crucial time away from starting new ones.

@x44203 that's just the kicad symbol for chip antennas

oh and this will go really well with that 15dBi 2.4GHz antenna. or v2, with SMA then.

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@steph i didn't know either, until yesterday :D

@steph nothing much, just 2.4GHz ISM instead of sub-GHz

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