@AmyZenunim @dx MSA advantage 900 (i think) is the one I'd get for use in public

@AmyZenunim @dx i have a bunch of those respirators, unfortunately they don't have an exhalation filter. but MSA has one which does. 3M doesn't have any half-masks which do exhalation filtering.

@AgathaSorceress it shouldn't be an issue with any remotely modern pan afaik, even if you scratch it. it only starts getting to be an issue of you heat it above 200°C. so don't put it on a stove empty and keep burning it or something. also induction stoves (when the pan is empty) can reach high temperatures fast, but otherwise it's a non-issue.

i am morbidly curious how maffee would taste with club mate zero

embedded world, day 2, final thoughts 

final thoughts:
chip shortage fucks everyone who isn't automotive. also TI is working hard on not selling to small companies anymore.
"I'm looking for ST alternatives" is a meme. everyone is. same thing with TI.

oh, also every time i asked about single pair ethernet, people were surprised that i'm already working on solutions. it's apparently very early for it still. and cables are hard to get.

cool experience in all, would go again.

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embedded world, day 2 

probably missed some stuff, but that's mostly it. kinda sad that i didn't grab a TI umbrella, or more swag in general, but damn did I get a lot of good contacts.

also, i'll do a final pi pico count at home then...

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embedded world, day 2 

met chris gammel (golioth, really cool people, i shilled some rust)
phoenix contact: talked about single pair ethernet and cables (barely any cables available)
wago: raided clämp jars
infineon: talked about BMSs, they're developing the chips together with ADI!?
harting: single pair ethernet again, but they were unpleasant, i'm not their target demographic (male and/or w/ suit)
LPKF: ehhh, i asked them about refurbished units but they weren't too nice...

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embedded world, day 2 

on my way back. walked >20km in two days now,, pandemic didn't do my legs any good, i'll feel them for days.


coilcraft: amazing people, got a contact if i need more samples than what's possible on the website
ST: analog guy wanted to give me devkits but they only had three total, lmao
nuvoton: guy laughed when i said I'm looking for ST alternatives. everyone else also is.
R&S: dem prices 😭 but nice, asked them about show devices (bargains are on their website)

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embedded world, day 2 

@uint8_t the analog part? he said they have something in their portfolio since a while. nyeh *shrug*

embedded world, day 2 

anyways, while i'm still on the train, i checked out the website of MPS (if the BMS devkit is actually available, it isn't) and Analog/Maxim (if they really have a bidi i2c controlled dc/dc for USB-C and 20V, they don't).

cool, i love when i know the portfolio better than the vendor /s

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embedded world, day 2 

also i forgot my headphones and the group of people behind me just opened six beers.

what a start into the day.

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embedded world, day 2 

I caught the exact and *only* S-Bahn i could take to catch my train >.>

but i had enough time on the main station to grab some breakfast.
goal of today is to get more ~~pi pico~~ talk to phoenix contact about single pair ethernet :3

among other things, which i wrote down, surely...

hey, at least i didn't forget my business cards again, because i was asked half a dozen times yesterday for mine...

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@chrysn technically, yes. we would need to write some tooling and definite interface blocks for modules but this is something that could be built.
combine that with some initialization code generation and it would take a lot less work to build stuff

embedded world 

@ripper left them at home because stress and non-working public transport :c

re: embedded world 

@sys64738 they suddenly disappear and become part of small projects. it's just nice to have them :3

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