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Take my phone
Take my lap
Take me where I cannot stand

I don't care I'm still free,
you can't take my IP from me
(credit goes to @uint8_t)

Thermal cameras are fun 

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hello everynyan!!

over the last few weeks, i've been working on the sega genesis version of the xband modem - an early network multiplayer service. i got a barebones server implemented and worked around some voip-related latency issues, and last night i managed to get a game of mortal kombat 2 working.

i'll be posting more about this and also contributing a lot of documentation to the folks over at, so if you're interested, check them out

here's a video of getting connected and in-game

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Hey, it's ! If you're or and from the , do something good and fill this survey from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. If you know older queers or trans ppl, feel free to forward the link. Thanks!

200pcs available with lead-times of 14 weeks doesn't really look great. Also ARM cancelled the Cordio hardware IP late last year, which means that we'll likely never see any successors to this line of chips.

Lol, DigiKey de-listed the chip and only Mouser and Avnet/element14 claim to have 100 each. The MAX32666GWP+ that is.

And for the life of me, I can't find a press release that this chip was ever even announced.

Welp, my list of sources and references is growing way faster than the post I'm trying to write.
ARM really fucked that one up. Fun fact: the MAX3266{5,6,7,8} MCUs which were the reason I got interested in this, are some mysterious beasts. There's no programming manual available, only a datasheet for the whole series and gerbers for the reference board. Even more interesting is that there is only *one* variant of the chip listed with distributors available. Avnet claims the MAX32667, w/o stock.



I just published an SDK updater/downloader tool for Maxim ARM MCUs ( because the official one is just horrible and proprietary. Happy hacking to all those that could make it to !

My little charger for the LTOs is coming along nicely. Unfortunately there aren't many parts that can charge a single LTO cell on its own, but this very chinese ic should do the trick (CN3765).
The MAX17261 fuel gauge will be used to characterise the cells so I can match them capacity-wise and see how they perform.
The PCB will then be in the Adafruit feather wing format, because that's a nice fit and I want to try to design a feather too.

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"Some say we are lazy and just want to miss school.
Some adults say it's bad we strike from school.
That we should study instead to make a difference in the future. The little fact that it will be too late by the time we've finished education they ignore.
To the adults that say that, we want to say:
Strike yourself instead!
Strike from work!
Go into the streets and shout!
Do something!
We need your help now more than ever."
Greta Thunberg, today.

That's ~80Wh/kg, so not too bad for LTOs. The range is 30-110Wh/kg

This is going to be a very powerful battery pack. I'm curious how the Lithium-Titanate cells will perform. This will only have around 200Wh of capacity, but a very long lifetime. Though I need to wait until Winter to then test it in below freezing conditions.

me: i need an ultrasonic cleaner
also me: how big do they get

an hour later: i guess i'm finally getting a dishwasher.

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german politics 

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Tfw there’s good news in Austria and bad news in Australia, and “CW: auspol” becomes a lottery.

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