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During the downtime Zoé designed a replacement battery cover in OpenSCAD. Also the battery has the right voltage now to commence the operation.

This is the card's home. My old but trusty workstation, iirc it's around six years old already.

@uint8_t the new cell (dark grey one on the second image) is being discharged with a power resistor to 3,8V to match the current cell voltage.

I'll be live-tooting a bit while @uint8_t replaces the lithium cell on the RAID-card battery module :D

This is how you not want your raid card to look like.

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A train station is where the train stops.

A bus station is where the bus stops.

On my desk there's a workstation...

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"If you know the secret ways, you can summon and bind a powerful being who will serve you, feed you, and protect you."
"What are those secret ways, mother?"
"I will teach you," she purred, and began washing the kittens.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

late night silliness 

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who called it "distracting yourself from your ongoing mental health crisis by writing code" and not "dysfunctional programming" send toot

german online shop names 

Also, lol, Zoé asked me before if I soldered that new connector because it looks so good. Still mad about that a bit :|

I am so excited for the lasered aluminium parts :D

Though why is it so hard for many companies to provide an invoice and ship to different countries. /me grumbles in e-resident.

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Zoé is airing out our solar panel and charges a powerbank with it. I don't know what to say but it's ingenious at least.

material testing 

material testing 

material testing 

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