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*one kernel update later* i should fix this oven firmware >.>

It kept the profile well, but no reflow. Getting out the big oven now.

Baking in progress, using the T-962 oven again to try if ot goes well with simple stuff.

Geez, working without a stencil for once is tedious.

Note to self: announcing my plans in the timeline may lead to mixed success.

Trying to fix my tiredness by drinking caffeinated drinks and then sleeping fir a kittle while. Let's see how this goes.

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Alte Frau schreit jemandem nach: "Was wollns von mir sie Trrrrottl!" und später ein Alki der Zettelverteiler in ein Gespräch verwickelt und ein frohes neues Jahr wünscht.
Manchmal hätt ich zwar gerne mehr Kontext im vorbeigehn, aber Wien is trotzdem leiwand.

Ugh. Four hours of sleep, but have a full reel with 900 LEDs now. I don't know how i looked but the postman was very amused, lol.

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Everyone is familiar with shitposting, but have you considered fartposting? That is, deleting your toot after people reacted to it and the effect has vanished.

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Oh there would also be the ADS1259, which is 24-bit and has an integrated reference, which is nice, but then i'd still need a good micro.
It's a bit preliminary but i should draft a BOM with the parts to see what would make the most sense if i want to keep the price down.

They're weird beasts with 25MHz and single-cycle flash and RAM. Also cheaper if i go with one, but I'd have to explore that route a bit more and build a small board with one.

Looking at ADCs. So 18-bit would be enough, but they're quite expensive. Most of them have a high sample-rate of 100-ksps and more, which is a lot for my metering application.
The MSP430F67xx otoh contain 24-bit ADCs, but there's no launchpad for them available...

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It's my birthday today! Can I get some boosts?

There's some weird conversations happening today and I'm the one facepalming. That's actually a new one.

OH: "we should make a trans party, and we only play trap music"

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