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I'm so excited, I'm getting some sweet sweet Toshiba MOSFET samples :3
The XK1R9F10QB to be precise (

Also I have already two applications where I want to use them!

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Having a functioning 3D printer and enough filament is so good in these times.

MetaInvasionDay PSA: All events at the Metalab are now cancelled, which also means there will be no MetaInvasionDay tomorrow.

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Wichtige Info:
Alle Veranstaltungen im Metalab im März sind abgesagt!

Das Metalab bleibt ab Montag ohne Ausnahme geschlossen.

Mehr Infos gibt es unter:

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Important information due to the current situation in Austria:
From now on all events at Metalab in March are cancelled.

Metalab stays closed from Monday on without exception.

More information:

OH: "Ein Quantencomputer kommt mir nicht unter den Schreibtisch!"


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Watched 28 Days Later and then Zombieland with Zoé. Especially Zombieland holds up really well :D

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Ohai! I nearly forgot to announce it, but MetaInvasionDay is happening again!

On Pi-Day, the 14th of March the whole day at !@metalab will be for women, non-binary, trans inter and questioning people.

There will be lots of awesome people, so drop by if you have time :)


Ohai! Nachdem ich es schon fast wieder vergessen habe, announce ich nun endlich mal den nächsten MetaInvasionDay auch hier ;)

Am Pi-Day, also den 14. März ist wieder ein Tag im !@metalab nur für Frauen, non-binary, trans, inter und questioning Menschen.

Es werden tolle Personen da sein, also kommt vorbei wenn ihr Zeit habt.


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