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starting a new project is 5% getting acquainted with the libraries/frameworks and 95% spending time deep in the guts of the standard library to justify a single line change with a lengthy pull request description to fix an annoying bug.

just, why does this always happen to me...

i love how every action in cryptpad is only with consent. add a contact? has to be accepted. share a file with someone? has to be accepted. promote to admin? same thing.

this is how software should be.

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just checked again, and this should only apply to aluminium electrolytic capacitors and not solid polymer.

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i have reached new depths. i just read about *checks notes* voltage treatment. which apparently is an actual thing for capacitors.

and no, not for audiophiles. it's applying the rated voltage with a 1k series resistor for 30-60min if they've been stored for more than 1000h.

just closed 24 tabs of capacitor datasheets and, uhh, the conclusion was "let's use the chonky boi we got in stock. also there's a cheaper variant from same vendor now."

thorough research was thorough. apparently also past one.

this is going as well as expected unfortunately ._.
"can i get a datasheet, there's only a product brief?"
"here's the product brief"
let's hope for the best...

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trying the live chat because i don't feel like talking on the phone and email response is usually slow. i want this datasheet now ^^

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now let's pick a gate driver: DRV8353 or TLE9180D-31QK? let's see if i can get an actual datasheet for the infineon part...

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the datasheet:

they're really ideal for building motor drives or load switches and such. anything that needs slow switching, but they have such low on resistance that i won't need too many of them :3 (also gee, i looked at mouser and they're expensive...)

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aaaaaa, i got the Toshiba MOSFETs today :D

i'm so hyped. can't wait to design a motor driver with them now. but i have to be really smart about this because i only got 10 samples and current lead time is 24 weeks 😅

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i got drugs now :3 just picked them up from the pharmacy. i will get so much procrastination done now that i can concentrate on boring things!


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idea: barefoot shoes with steel toe and kevlar sole

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terminal adblocks when? npm shows me ads O.o

i already dread writing software for this one then,,,

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also this project has grown from "let's build a basic volt/ammeter" to small analog multi-tool with power supplies and basically you can do anything with it or design some small external board which plugs into it to do even more.

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done for today with circuit design. added current sense for all five rails on the board, because why not. now if it manages to initialise the mcu, it will know what's up. if not, 3V3 is missing ;)

also managed to do most of the mcu stuff and peripheral connectors.

can't have my stuff look too professional :3

haven't built something with mems oscillators before, so on the board they go! it's a DSC1001, another 4.096MHz one is sourcing the clock for the ADCs on another part of the schematic.

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