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neat, stuff from the US i ordered in march and beginning of april is popping up on the postal tracking again. let's make a board for the P2 engineering samples that will arrive soon-ish real quick :3

i can't wait to finish my legacy power to usb-c converter. it's an actual dream come true.

lol, i just noticed, all the companies i want to use parts of but are just too expensive in my projects have red company logos.

me: *uses them anyways*
also me: why is my BOM cost just so damn high?

me: i hate looking for connectors
me: looks for better connectors

i am a parody of myself sometimes...

there's a first time for everything: On Semi has a four-switch buck/boost which requires an NDA *and* if you ask them you just get: "go talk to a distributor".

like, okay i guess? then i'll just use the better competitor ic for my OSHW project.

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the other end, a usb-c pd pps sink will just be copy-paste and removal of all the other stuff. i'll add a small 10pos dip switch to set the voltage between 2.8V and 22V. or should i do maybe 12pos to set it in 10mV increments? also not sure what to do about the current limit...

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finished the usb-c pd pps + lipo (needs more acronyms) charger thingy schematic. now it just needs a design review and i can route it. i wasted a whole day yesterday trying to find a good connector to make it sideways stackable, but i'll just use pin headers to keep my sanity.

hyperfocusing on picking connectors for a board hours on end is /not/ fun.

hi, i'm ln and all my electronics are political

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cursed technology 

SPIe x16

just how can i increase the gayness of my electronics more...? *puts trans flag LEDs in addition to transistor symbol on board*

purrfection :3

i will never stop browsing the list TI preview ICs. this gives me so many ideas for new projects :3

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Today in nice chips: THVD8000. It's an RS-485 transceiver for power lines. It modulates an OOK signal on a ±18V bus and manages up to 1Mbps half-duplex.

Now if this would just work with 48V...

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I'm still mad at the USB PD consortium for allowing cable and charger authentication bullshit

It only defies the very selling point of the USB PD ecosystem.

also current limit is programmable in 40mA steps, but starts at 120mA. datasheet is here:

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Just the I²C stuff still and some other things, but then i can layout this soon-ish :3

I stumbled upon this IC today in the afternoon and just *have* to build a board with it now.

It's a USB PD 3.0 PPS supply/charger, which lets you control set the voltage in 10mV steps.

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how can one get to be less disaster, asking for a disaster,
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