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i just read "Qualcomm Noice Reduction" and had to double take because it wasn't actually just my brain doing its thong.

this post also brought to you by the LTC6811 which will just drop register writes if you rush it too much. poor silicon just needs its time to do its thing,,

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i can't stop thinking about "we gave silicon anxiety" and now i whisper "i'm so sorry" to my laptop every time i boot it with mitigations=off

i wish gitlab would just not break on an update for once...

this is really neat. i learned something new in the process *and* i don't have to include external resources which then are probably also tracked/analyzed.

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it's declaring a \@font-face and has: src: local('name'), url('url to font');

i dl'd the woff2 files, which incidentally are also way smaller than what's distributed via github and i just serve them from the webserver locally now.

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doing some html and css for a change. look, i'm really getting that blog post out now!

got a beautiful font which has good readability. also is available via google fonts.
okay, but i don't want to link to google >.>

so i looked what the google fonts stylesheet is doing.

look what the postman dragged in! multimeter says 4.11V, so looks like they're pre-charged.

now i need to finish my coin cell charger board. these should be 120mAh if i remember correctly.

oh and they are totally adorable and chonky at the same time, i just love em.

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Star Trek TNG S05E17 The Outcast 

This is it!!! There is no gender!

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"The idea of gender is offensive to my people."

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y'all if your software isn't accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users you suck and your software sucks

sorry but i don't make the rules

i just found out about i heckin love where the whole rust embedded ecosystem is going. embedded-hal, a unified debugging experience across hardware, drivers which just work with all supported mcus,, this will be so amazing!

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and then it uploads the rendered patch to JLC again. you know. for good measure.

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we've had SVGs for so long. y u no use them!?
- it's rendering 2d gerbers
- gets a patch file
- renders the patch file on top, in browser

all this after rendering and verifying it i don't know how many times sever-side already...

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absolutely nobody:
JLC: *takes huge bong hit* uhhh, let's render the SMT preview with WebGL directly in the browser

what i neet to be doing: just finishing that damn blog post
what i am actually doing: building a JLC api package for their web interface.

this girl just wants to check on her orders from the command line.

it's good to write some again :3 it's so much fun when things just work and you can iterate quickly. not like *looks at hardware in progress* you.

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overengineering: using OAuth and OIDC to support login with various providers

overengineering while overengineering: supporting multiple providers which handle OAuth and OIDC for you (FOSS and also hosted)

noooo, i'm totally not overdoing this.

logistics is my passion.

i hate how bad it is so incredibly much that i need to become good at it.

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