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star trek tng s07e17 

data is plural now. this episode is really interesting :D

let's see if i can get my rust kicad_pcb parser to parse all the things today.

it's ugly af and i need to upstream my changes to lexpr-rs but it's something :3

btw, do i know anyone who would want to review my mess and teach me some more idiomatic rust? 👀

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This is what 20 reflow cycles do to veroboard

It's not designed for this at all and definitely not for this long


CFD stands for Cat Fluid Dynamics

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Oh, ist futsch. Also muss ich meine Studis ab sofort darauf hinweise, dass sie auf gar keinen Fall benutzen dürfen.

took me half a day to get lexpr-rs to parse kicad_pcb files :3 now just to spit them out again the way kicad likes it...

(this is not counting half a day yesterday where i failed and gave up on the whole thing ^^)

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so this "rust makes me have faith in computers again" really is a thing, huh?

otoh, rust-analyzer is magic. good kind of magic.

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*me writing rust code*
i have no idea what i'm doing :3

all that syntactic sugar and code efficiency is scary given that most of the code i wrote in the last years has been c or go.

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I like riding on classic ICs, because sometimes I can look out on the back windows of the last car

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when people say "gender neutral" they're asking what pH balance the gender is

the plate is so i can yeet it easily if it starts burning *again*

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smoked powerbank, served on a plate.

support needs a video of it "not working" after it let out so much magic smoke that it triggered the smoke alarm.

need to discharge it so i can show that it doesn't charge anymore 🙄

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antenna, ec 

sweet, got a new wifi antenna for my router :3

that should improve things.

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pinebook pro tip

i fucking figured it out holy shit y'all
i figured out why the DAC sounded like shit it was because it has this builtin effect called "Stereo Enhancement" and by default it's set to 5 (on a scale of 0-7) and basically it makes the audio sound like actual trash (on decent headphone drivers i guess. perhaps it makes it better for crap headphones idk). anyway you can disable it with

sudo amixer sset 'DAC Stereo Enhancement' 0

HOLY SHIT y'all the audio sounds fuckin normal now

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anyhoot (aaa, i should play some acnh again...), gonna work on the rest for now, there's some stuff left to do. need to add some shift registers for the balancers, as the ic can only do internal balancing with a few mA.

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i'm looking at the atsamd11 which seems nice? otherwise i could just keep the msp430fr2355 in the schematic, as it is just there already and i like it.

i just don't want to write tons of ic drivers in c anymore when i'd just like to spend my efforts on something more portable.

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