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an update to the STM32F072CBT6 availability adventures. LCSC got back to me and they quoted them at 7(!) USD a piece. but at least they can get them, though i don't need them *that* bad that i'd bay 7x the price...

what i learned: just give them the model numbers from $brandname and they'll offer you the chinese made equivalent anyways, no need to go looking for the manufacturer and part numbers of the clones :D

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learning to deal with suppliers on alibaba is interesting. some will reply within a few hours to propose you exact options based on your vague descriptions and others will reply two days later and ask you to give them exact model numbers or they can't quote you.

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Today it was unusually warm for mid October, I went out for some bicycling along the Wien river. At one point those clouds turned into a shower. I still need to work on weatherproofing myself.

my goal with this is to build a small board for common sensing needs which doesn't cost too much and i can just put wherever i need.

also gonna build a small multimeter i can plug into prototype setups. no more awkwardly probing all the things one after another ^^

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i haven't posted a circuit doodle in quite a while, have some bedtime ADC fun :D

the internal reference in this part seems to be pretty accurate, so i won't play around with an external one.

also i'm just a liitle bit disappointed with the shade of pink, it's rather red-ish and looks like rubber, lol.

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after complaining a lot about the state of jumper wires, i ordered some silicone cable and crimped some myself :3

they feel soo good! can recommend making some.

finally got a stickvise \o/ let's fix some boards :3

nice, there's a obs-studio-wayland package in aur, now i could actually stream some electronics sometime :3

now, which project should i work on 😅

yup, that biostar mainboard is just garbage, a bios update fixed it now. it only took *checks notes* three heckin years to get a working mainboard. geeeeee...

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i think i really need a better mainboard... trying to talk with my new webcam makes the kernel either throw a stack trace with a null pointer deference or alternatively stops recognizing any new usb devices.

usb 3.0 was a mistake.

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i just made *one* strong coffee and three hours later i'm still a jittery mess 🙄 where the hell did my caffeine tolerance go? it's not like i stopped drinking coffee any time >.>

handling the edge-cases which KiCad doesn't even handle is also no fun.
re-annotating complete schematics could just work if eeschema and pcbnew would talk to each other more. or if eeschema would just send net remapping info. "was called x, is now y".


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kicad file formats are such a collection of "let's just add one more hack so we don't have to re-think things" >.>

(specifically brought to you by "let's just rewrite the schematic file with the info of the currently opened sub-schematic one every time")

uhh, thanks firefox, even if it's an ad. if this would be from any other company i would nope the fuck out and delete my account 😨

star trek tng s07e17 

i love the acting in this episode

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