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protip: get one of those solder paste squeegees from aliexpress. this is my first try and it's perfect (for my standards). it's a world of a difference compared to an old credit/plastic card.

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naked electronics 

and here's the boards

it was made in a bit of a rush so i unfortunately forgot to put on some silly silkscreen...

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selfie, ec 

felt cute, might paste boards later (when the solder paste has warmed up a bit)

snacc ✅
mate tea ✅
parts ✅
boards ✅

let's goooo!

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parts from 🐭r finally arrived \o/

we got: two boards to rework and one to paste and build

haha, what if we put the current-sense on the bottom exposed pad? nobody would do that, right???

some parts make me want to drink something other than coffee in the morning.

update: i got some ESP32-C3 devkits out of nowhere but still no network, rip.

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the shitposts will continue until mouser delivers some heckin parts. i got all the PCBs but nothing to put on them 😭

for the non-german speaking crowd: this is a hair dresser, on the left it says "men" and on the right "women"

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what a monday. eMMC of our turris omnia (router) died during a power outage. it probably has been bad for a while, but that's what pushed it over the edge.

gotta boot from usb until a new ic arrives from Mouser...

At which point of the pandemic 90s series rewatch are you currently?

At which point of the pandemic 90s series rewatch are you currently?

okay, this is perfect with yerba mate, just bought a 250g brick :D (thanks amy~)

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