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I think I'm now over-enginnering things. My board has a power supply, an input filter, two output filters, a soft start control. These filters and soft starters are REQUIRED to meet the spec.

Meanwhile the same gadget from Shenzhen is 100% "Muntzed", has literally nothing but a power supply chip on it yet it still works. This BOM cost is probably just $5 and they can sell it at $60. Yeah, it still takes skills to be Earl Muntz... #electronics

this self-callout was brought to you by a discussion which resulted in an interesting idea to do a four-quadrant power supply for cheap(-ish). but anyways, details when there's details to show :3

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i mean, have you tried designing electronics without a power supply? it's hard,,

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me: i have a new project
zoé: something new or a power supply again?
me: power supply again ._.

If you hate software so much, why are you writing more of it

how do you summon a pet semiconductor? 


"yo dawg, i heard you have a monopoly so i just took off with the IP and you can't do shit about it"

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i'm a simple gay, all i want is to read cute manga, hug girls and design electronics

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i'm so out if spoons that i've been procrastinating to finish reading atelier witch hat vol 8 for, uhh, quite some time now

should i check if there's a project which already exists before i start designing? 😬

i don't ever remember using that part, but i should know, because this would've been quite the undertaking...

let's just hope there's no particular reason i forgot all about it :D

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me: cool, i found this nice chip, just need to make a symbol and footprint
also me: wait, why is there already a symbol and footprint?

*git blame*

oookay, this predates the repo and has been there since before recorded history o.o

it's valid to have plushie piles and meow like a cat

request for logic analyzer advice 

i have a couple hundred to spend on a logic analyzer, mostly for usb/serial/canbus debugging. what should i get? i care more about reliability and usability than getting a good deal

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