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what a week. can i start over and try this again?

so apparently Go uses fat pointers and honestly I'm never gonna look at interface{} again without thinking damnnnn she thicc

yesterday I had the opportunity to ride on a driverless, zero-emission bus in the city

i just got sent down memory lane by someone showing me a ported version of the memorymodule code. it's been... 12 years? since i played with that code. holy shit, i've already spent over a decade in infosec...

computing nonsense 

oh! the most important part, it's got an optional front plate for rack mounting 😏

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computing nonsense 

thursday night the fan of a NUC i'm looking after died. i already ordered a replacement fan a week ago because i suspected this would happen. problem just is the fan is still in transit and will arrive probably e/o november.
fortunately i found out that there's such a thing as passively cooled cases. ordered it thursday around midnight and it arrived today. works like a charm and got a completely silent server now!

no moving parts, no problems :3

If I would design a kitchen I would simply put the stove into the fume hood it belongs, instead of below a decorative but useless, loud oil mist recirculator.

@embr No, it's like Common Tongue in Lord of the Rings! Don't you remember the scene with Gandalf and Frodo in Bilbo's house?

Frodo: "It's some form of lisp. I can't read it."

Frodo showed Gandalf the ring, on which the following characters glowed evilly:

(defn date? [d] (instance? java.util.Date d))

Gandalf inspected the inscription, and replied "The language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here."

me: *puts unicode in ssid*
hostapd: you did what!???

let's do a thing: what are some of your projects you can't build because you just can't get the chips?

i'll start: i planned to build an automated battery tester to match cells into packs. but from integrated solutions to precision discrete parts, everything just disappears.

i just want to design some electronics but then i find an alternative to the alternative of the alternative and there's three parts in stock.

with an estimated delivery of more for e/o 2022. i just... can't anymore.

chip crisis: "we got 90pcs of the IC you need for your design, but ordering any qty costs 24 eur in shipping + taxes on top."

yeah, guess i'll wait one more year, TI eShop. because fuck that.

i am once again messing around with OIDC. just why is there no easy to use server library? i just want to test the login flow, nyeh.

"just download 5 docker images and add it to your CI setup" ain't it chief.

just ordered some screw removal pliers because lenovo glued in the screw for the wifi card. i need to replace the wifi card because the rtw89 driver is using more power than the rest of the system under light load.

my week is going great 🙃

just dropped a kitchen scale on my foot. 5/10 hurts like hell but nothing broke. would not recommend.

Maybe the reason so many people despise NTFs is because its terrible small-file performance

I took two photos almost at the same spot, 3 weeks apart. aligned the shots in hugin, then blended in kdenlive:

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