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got a new wifi card to replace that terrible realtek one, let's heckin gooooooo

i miss that small swamp in the mountains, may it one day be overgrown and full of weeds and undergrowth that grips your feet, may it be like it was before man's bitterness burned it down

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some days i just wanna go into the woods, as far as my feet can carry me and build a small hut, never to be seen by society again.


wordbe, the big-endian variant of wordle

ohhh, you can just do V_{REF} for sub-script "ref" in kicad symbols for names. probably new in kicad 6 because some semantics have changed.

i'm gonna be *so* extra and make fancy names now for all my symbols :3

maybe a hot take, but hear me out: he/him are Neopronouns.

(those are the pronouns Neo is using)

on my last day before vaca i'm running into a nice bug where jwt signatures sent by a service don't verify sometimes 🙃
if they never verify it would be easy to debug, but sometimes is some fresh hell, because there's *no* pattern to this. codepath is the same every time too.

❌: m'lady (my lady)
✔️​: m'lady (meow lady)​

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