Farewell Thinkpad x220, you've served me well. Upgrading to a x230

Just found a nice and small / plugin for sending code to an repl in a terminal buffer. github.com/urbainvaes/vim-ripp

ok, that was fun... developing a traceroute as MirageOS unikernel, and preserving the ttl and timestamp of sent packet inside the UDP header (well, 2 * 16 bit ports is enough for everyone, no) -- gist.github.com/hannesm/10ae02 #MirageOS #traceroute

next: figure control flow to properly terminate :)

Haven't used in a while. Starting a temporary DHCP server in 3, 2, 1 ... DHCP_am(pool=Net(''), network='', gw='', renewal_time=60, lease_time=1800).run()

Unbelievable. Finally a book that looks like its ebook sibling -> mazes for programmers

woop, from the #MirageOS land:
- qubes-mirage-firewall supporting dynamic rules was released yesterday groups.google.com/forum/#!topi
- TLS 1.3 is released, and live at mirage.io/blog/tls-1-3-mirageo
- no clue what will be announced tomorrow ;)

the implicit development are researching infrastructure FOSS projects, and joined our #MirageOS retreat last year - and wrote about their experience implicit-development.org/2020/ -- thanks to everyone involved, especially @runabout -- you should read their other posts as well :)

today I developed a #MirageOS unikernel which serves the contents of a git remote via HTTP(S), including let's encrypt certificate provisioning. A test instance is setup at test.nqsb.io -- code is at github.com/hannesm/unipi (includes various protocols: git, ssh, tls, http, acme). it is < 300 lines of application code :D and even provides HTTP cache headers (last-modified / etag) :D A webhook is available that fetches the git remote (to update the contents) :D

Oh, this is super neat!

Onionize is a #docker container that automatically exposes other selected Docker containers as onion services:


10 years ago WikiLeaks published "Collateral Murder", the brutal murders of civilians in Iraq by "dudes" acting like in a video game.. part of a series of releases that forever changed our view of the war.


Today, #Assange rots in jail, particularly vulnerable to #Covid19 with chronic lung illness, awaiting extradition in the US where he faces 175y for these uncompromising acts of journalism.

Time to tell that story again! #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange #StopWars

I'm delighted to finally have a static-pre-shared-key mode for our OpenVPN implementation, and further developed a unikernel that does IPv4 forwarding ~> I now have a /29 on a bridge on my laptop :D thanks to as250.net (for the network + tunnel endpoint) and prototypefund.de (initial funding)

source at github.com/roburio/openvpn (static-keys branch has a mirage-router unikernel) -- still need to fix the fragmentation from local ethernet over the tunnel. :D :D

finally putting this into production

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