Deleting the dump files made my system boot again. Definitely going to donate some money later today to GRML. Awesome recovery system

My Debian laptop somehow trashed efivars with dump files and refuses to boot now. Downloading a grml iso for recovery now :-) I hope this is not going to be my new morning routine

interested in #MirageOS? Want to enjoy some sun in November? Join our retreat in Mirleft (Marocco) --

Upgrade to Bullseye on two of my machines went flawlessly 🍻

Just wanted to install the weechat Discord plugin. But it seems like they ban users who run 3rd party clients. What a shit show. Maybe I should just delete my account again 😂

Just figured out that there is a new Cornell University course (text) book in progress. Including videos 🤯 Great stuff 🐫

Announcing at our reproducible MirageOS unikernel builds & infrastructure which we worked on for the last 6 months #MirageOS #OPAM #OCaml #reproducible_builds - joint work with @reynir, using dream :)

: optionally can also display and country codes with "-y0" (alias: -z) and "-y2". Not at the same time, though.

pondering this question: Does shell piping that is aware of data types need to be implemented in a new shell (eg powershell)?

Perhaps it could be implemented with a portable command:

typed foo | typed bar

This only needs 2 things: 1. send type data over the pipe (easy) 2. don't send type data over the pipe when the consumer expects raw data.

One solution to 2 is this, but perhaps there are better ones:

typed foo | typed bar | untyped


We (@reynir and myself) just developed a U2F library in #OCaml, take a look at if you're curious how to achieve passwordless logins (see for the source code). Happy registrations.

Found a nice blog post which uses and Angstrom for parsing "show vlan" on a network device. Just in case you've finished all your python and textfsm blog posts in your feed reader.

I wrote on elliptic curves, and how to sustainable integrate the verified fiat software into #OCaml and #MirageOS -- feedback welcome. Can't wait to finally write a suckless CA software as a unikernel :D

The Discord chat UI looks super noisy. It wanted a phone number at the end of the signup process. I'm already thinking about deleting my account again :-)

just a reminder that we're offering these really nice, compact, robust, colorful, open hardware keyboards:

friday evening 22:00, and I finally have NIST P-256 ECDSA sign and verify up and running with test vectors in #OCaml using no gmp (or other bignum libraries), but only proven (with Coq) code that does computations over p and n in constant time (using \o/

Derzeit sind kein Onion-Adressen der neueren V3-Variante im Tor-Netzwerk erreichbar. Jemand hat einen eigenen Tor-Client geschrieben und nutzt einen Bug aus. Details:

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