After four month, I've finally finished the last project in the Algorithms/DataStructures mooc. Tests and Assert are cool with my A* implementation. Let's wait for the final report. I would have gone mad while debugging without Python's type hints 🍺

at #cccamp if you're interested in MirageOS unikernels, please come and talk to me. also happy for hands-on sessions :)

Nice evening read -> Interconnections (by Radia Perlman), chapter on Protocol Folklore 🍺

This post about cloud services makes me happy, and it might make you happy, too:

gathered metrics that show our CalDAV server uses ~4 times fewer CPU ticks when run as virtual machine (#MirageOS unikernel) compared to a Unix process -- and thus emits less CO₂ //cc @PrototypeFund -- was running till June 13th as process; read more at

"Rather than construction, software is more like gardening - it is more organic than concrete." pragmatic programmer 20th year anniversary edition on the term "Software Construction". 🌿 🌻

Troubleshooting regex based IP range filters in tac-plus.conf. aaarrrrgghh. When the only tool you've got....

that's a pretty nice article on object oriented programming (though I'd argue JavaScript being OO as well, and unless you've FP to the core (stdlib) its rather hard to use + reason about)... so, give OCaml a try (or ReasonML if you fancy curly braces) :)

what I forgot to mention: the next #MirageOS retreat is end of September (23rd-29th). It helps a _lot_ if you sign up (early!), and actually pay and attend ;) for more information!

Nice book from 1983. I'm usually more into ebooks, but sometimes it is quite nice to get off the computer and enjoy ancient books while having a coffee or beer :)

Finally updated the website to inform you of writeups of our spring retreat, and announces the dates of the next retreat end of September! Enjoy and sign up! #MirageOS

SKS keyserver, my personal TL;DR:
- its hard to find maintainers for projects (see OpenSSL/GnuPG/...), esp. if there's no funding
- SKS predates opam etc. -- it has been written as a rather monolithic piece of software
- license-wise it may not make everybody comfortable to work on it (speaking about myself: I prefer to work on permissively licensed code even in my spare time)
- maintenance + refactoring: I'd estimate ~1 month of work to get SKS into shape -- anyone interested in funding this?

Forcing myself to use Python's optional Type hints to stay sane while debugging code and switching between OCaml and Python. It is a bit noisy if you annotate more than just functions, but that's ok 🍺

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