I'm working on building a based and finally finished the README. Packages are built with , systems are defined with . Drop me a note if you are interested in getting involved.


Testing yet another "ergonomic" keyboard. It always feels super clumsy and unproductive. It is a bit like being totally wasted while trying to unlock your computer

Why I disappeared from Twitter


Be mindful of the powers that platforms have over your ability to freely communicate!

the before mentioned article (Hackers and climate activists join forces in Leipzig) in le monde has been translated to english and is available at mirage.io/blog/ccc-2019-leipzi #climatechange #MirageOS #unikernels #carbonfootprint #ccc #36c3

The History of and IP Stacks with Rodney Grimes – rule 11 reader
rule11.tech/the-history-of-bsd via twitter Russ White (@rtggeek)

Seems like Computer Networks is online for free now and has a GIT repo + pdf/epub releases systemsapproach.org/book.html . That was one of the first IT books I've got in a network training class 📚

please feel invited to join our next #MirageOS hack retreat in March 2020, see retreat.mirage.io for signup and reports of earlier retreats. This event is diverse, people not familiar with #OCaml and #MirageOS are warmly welcome, you should be interested in MirageOS unikernels though :)

On my way to . Deutsche Bahn obviously fucked it up and now I'm 50 mins late for my connecting train in Munich. At least I've got some beer :)

I had this planned for a while, now I finally wrote up how I deploy my authoritative nameserver as #MirageOS unikernels, store data in git, and have let's encrypt integration hannes.nqsb.io/Posts/DnsServer #DNS #letsencrypt //cc @Kensan whom I promised this since months ;) -- since this is the first time I write a tutorial, please let me know whether I should extend or shorten various paragraphs, and what is unclear.

I'll present #MirageOS and #OCaml at #36c3 on day 1 (27th) at 11:30 CET in room Dijkstra fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres -- I'm already nervous. hope to see you there.

New @fsfe podcast is out. Bonnie and myself talked with @LaF0rge about mobile phone communication and the general
status of #FreeSoftware in this area: fsfe.org/news/podcast/episode- #nt

After a week of summit and another week of further working on it, I finally got all the #MirageOS unikernel I use to be reproducible (+ tooling to evaluate reproducibility of opam/#OCaml packages). (NB this is still WIP since some information is missing in the to-be-reproduced information (CPU features, host system package information, ..). This is in a much better shape than 2.5 weeks ago, and I'm pretty confident to ship binaries soon. In 2020 it's reckless to ship non-reproducible binaries :)

Just read a post about retro gaming. Totally forgot about Gargoyle on the gameboy.

Reminder to myself, that I wanted to change a few things. Do more open source, less proprietary shit in 2020 🙂 Wasted almost 11 hours without proper lunch today to troubleshoot an issue between a proprietary SDN controller and a priorpietary Hypervisor. Yesterday's overtime was due to a router vendor who ships 100k € routers without ssh support 🍻

I like . I get emails from newsletters I almost forgot to unsubscribe from

Writing Python with type hints and mypy definitely sparks joy again. Even though Merlin and pattern matching with exhaustiveness check from are dearly missed 🍻

Hi everyone!

ForgeFed is a project aiming to define a protocol and a vocabulary for federation of project hosting and collaboration platforms (forges), and get it implemented in the existing forges such as GitLab CE, Gitea and so on.

Federation is based on ActivityPub with some tweaks and new vocabulary :)

I'm working on a demo, implementing federation in a forge called Vervis. Earlier today I deployed 2 test instances for this! More details and links soon :)


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