The nervousness of having 150 people I follow on Twitter follow a rapist/abuser, and knowing that I probably can't make a dent in their follow count of I can't even make ZipCPU reconsider.

There's a solid correlation between there being a heatwave and my sleep schedule being utterly fucked up, I think.

Oh, right, I have a Mastodon. Maybe I should use it.

Going live in ~15 minutes at

I'm feeling like working on a dumb Nintendo 64 emulator.

('Convention misleads' is my motto after all)

So, uh, hmm. I might stream today (it's a Friday after all, and I *did* miss the Monday stream).

I think making progress with the Hercules arch requires me to RE the clock tree, which is gonna be Tricky.

Alternatively I can work on something dumb like an N64 emu.


Live at!

I think I'll try to fix some Yosys bugs, and then perhaps I'll work on the nextpnr arch some more?

Gonna be doing some Friday streams for a while to try to get Twitch Affiliate. (in about an hour and a half after this toot)

Little late notice but I forgot to crosspost it here: I'll be going live in, like, ten minutes at!

Current status: compiling a Spotify playlist of wolf/wolf-related songs.

To be fair, even with such a specific theme, there's a surprising amount of variety.

Good morning world, time to work on [REDACTED].

Solidly like waist-deep in Audiophile right now; I think there's an issue with my record player (AT-LP3). Maybe one of the wires from it to the amp has broken?

For real though, I might forget about here by accident. I, uh, trust somebody might nudge me occasionally? – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community