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Erstes Skizzenbuch ist voll! 😊✌️
Ich freue mich auf eines mit besserem Papier.

Alle Zeichnungen findet ihr hier:

Idee: Die Erschaffung von Zauberartefakten hinterlässt toxische Nebenmagieprodukte.

i understand if you wanna block/mute whoever you want but consider telling the person what they're doing wrong especially if they're nd like. it can be super othering and sometimes us nds dont know if we're doing anything wrong and aren't looking to hurt anyone

I must admit I hate visible watermarks in photos. They are not only easy to remove (AI-based tools like in Adobe Photoshop usually do a very good job in such cases), but also spoil most images.

In addition, copyright information can also be stored in the meta data of an image (and is equally easy to remove there). If someone wants to steal your picture, he does so.. the ugly watermark won't stop them.

audio compression & formats 

- you mostly can't tell the difference between a good mp3 or a good ogg and a flac. it's designed to lose the less audible sounds first. if you have good headphones and good ears and compare a song you know very well that uses patterns that mp3 doesn't compress well, you may hear that some frequencies are lost or distorted. even on a 320 mp3, and more the lower the bitrate. but still it's Very Good at compressing audio for humans.

- flac is very useful for archival, it divides the source size in half and keeps every bit of data intact. it 'replaces' wav files (compression is specified for wav but never became common). you can compress it and decompress it many times and you will still get the original file at the end ('lossless'). a mp3 gets worse every time depending on the exact encoding, like a jpeg. ('lossy')

- flac is the png, wav is the bmp, mp3 is the jpeg. none of those are perfect but each is good at a few things

Mastoadmins: Please check your instances and switch new users to approvals only! There's another bot mass-creating accounts 


Lots of auto-generated accounts last night- please check your instances for random character string accounts!

Ausgelutschte Dialogtrope: "Wo sind wir?" - "Die Frage ist nicht wo wir sind, sondern wann?" (Vor allem, wenn die Protagonist*innen sich in Raum und Zeit bewegt haben).

In südamerikanischer Musik (teilweise auch in Soundtracks aus den 70ern) hört man manchmal ein rhythmisch-vokales Geräusch, das wie "uhuhu", bzw. wie Primatenlaute klingt. Weiss jemand, wie das entsteht? Ein Instrument, eine Art zu vokalisieren?

Geschäftsidee: Taschenlampen als "Nachtsichtgeräte" teuer verkaufen.

Diese Website zeigt, wie sich Verschwörungsmythen auf Youtube verbreiten

Für die Radikalisierung vieler Menschen wird der „Rabbit-Hole“-Effekt auf Youtube verantwortlich gemacht. Eine Website zeigt anschaulich, wie Youtube für verschiedene Gruppen, zum Beispiel Verschwörungstheoretiker, aussieht.

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