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Ich habe einen neuen Podcast! Er heisst "Roboter & Pilze" 🤖🍄 und ist ein akustischer Begleiter zu meinem Skizzenbuch. Ich erzähle jede Woche davon, was ich beim Zeichnen erlebt habe.

Es ist ein "Fediverse Only"-Format das auf Funkwhale gehostet ist. Mal gucken, wie das so läuft.

Via Funkwhale abonnieren:

Via RSS abonnieren:

Animals 10 - Hooved Mammals - Giraffe 2

At least the neck-torso proportions came our ok this time. 🦒

#drawing #drawabox #exercise

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Animals 09 - Hooved Mammals - Giraffe 1

Slightly wrong proportions... no, wait! Maybe it's a baby giraffe! 😅

#drawabox #exercise

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"Memento" braucht kein Remake. Schon gar keins von Christopher Nolan.

This ideology - call it gaslightism - is the fantasy that powerful people can warp reality simply by declaring it to be something else (think of the GWB official who sneered at the "reality-based community" and its skepticism over war in Iraq).

It's a common trait among wealthy narcissists. Elon Musk insists that the laws of physics will bend to his satellite internet network and allow for multiple universes' worth of electromagnetic signalling.


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Have ihr Empfehlungen für eine Android -App? Ich bin zufrieden mit für Mastodon, aber Fedilab mag Pixelfed nicht besonders (Crashes, Authentication-Fehler).

Any recommendations for an Android Pixelfed app? I'm using Fedilab for Mastodon, but it doesn't like Pixelfed (crashes, auth errors).

Boosts appreciated.


Animals Reboot: Ignore the boar from last week, this is the real stuff.

Animals 01 - Pelican (construction only, no details or shading allowed)

#drawabox #exercise #birds

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