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Wired, 1993: Rebels with a Cause - Your Privacy. "On the cover were Eric Hughes, Tim May, John Gilmore, holding up an American flag, faces hidden behind white mask, their PGP fingerprints written on the foreheads. Gilmore even sporting an newly-founded EFF T-shirt. (from Thomas Rid, CS Monitor)"

Wired, 2019: YOU'RE IN PRIVATE MODE. To continue using a private window, sign in or subscribe. The title of the article being denied reads "It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser. Ad trackers are out of control".

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RT @MatthewRayfield@twitter.com

✨ BRAND NEW pop up experiment ✨


you'll NEVER want to resize a window the "old way" again


👽👍 enjoy

( finally working through my list popup ideas... this is #3 )
( oh & it's sort of glitchy sometimes, see previous tweet )

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MatthewRayfield/st

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Der Texas-Instruments-#Taschenrechner für den Mathe- und Physikunterricht meines Sohnes kostet 150,- EUR. Anschaffung verpflichtend, keine Schulbestellung mit Herstellerrabatt möglich, ebensowenig Sonderkonditionen für ärmere Familien.

Wir subventionieren also das gut abgehangene Geschäftsmodell eines amerikanischen IT-Dinosauriers, obwohl jede/r Schüler/in einen leistungsfähigeren Rechner in der Hosentasche hat und ficken gleichzeitig bedürftige Familien?! Respekt.

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#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

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Der größte Blutspendedienst in Bayern hat massenhaft Gesundheitsdaten an Facebook gesendet. Angaben zu HIV, Schwangerschaft, Drogenkonsum oder Diabetes könnten dort nun profilbezogen gespeichert sein. Für die SZ hab ich die Datenpanne aufgedeckt.
(Weitere Details im Thread)

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The hypocrisy of blaming GPG/PGP for bad email clients fucking up PGP, while NOT blaming the shitshow that is shoving the web into email for ANYTHING

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Der geheime -Plan des Boris Johnson...

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@l3d Hey,
gibt es die Möglichkeit dein VOC Setup an der NixCon in Brno am 25-27.10.2019 zu verwenden?

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To anyone at , there's a packaging workshop at the Hackeriet village in the Cold North at 1800 tonight (day 2).

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Microsoft loves Linux, but only when they can make money off of it. More than half of the instances on Azure, which makes them about 25 billion US-$ a year, run Linux. They make more money on an Android device than Google does. All in all Microsoft makes more money on Linux than all Linux companies combined.

But when it comes to give something back, e.g. by clearing a few patents so Linux desktop users can mount Windows-formatted USB sticks, the love ends immediately.


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absolutely unable to make anything worthwhile right now so have some synth noodling

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Bin gerade auf einen Hackathon gestoßen, bei dem man an Bilderkennungssoftware für Geflüchtete in Seenot auf dem Mittelmeer mitarbeiten kann. Die Veranstalter versprechen, dass man "thousands of lives" retten kann.

Klingt ja nach der cooleren Art von Hackathon, oder? Bis man auf die "Partner" der Orga stößt, da sind nämlich ZF und die Zeiss AG dabei. Zwei deutsche Rüstungsunternehmen.

Die Zeiss AG baut laut IMI sogar Sensoren für die Grenzsicherung auf dem Mittelmeer.

Bei sowas wird mir übel.

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n-gate, HN 

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“Eigentlich schon” is just a fancy way of saying “definitely not” in german.

I need to attend a key signing party...

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I suggest getting your real key discoverable through WKD. That’s as simple as putting your binary (*not* armored) key at this URL: https://beyermatthias.de/.well-known/openpgpkey/hu/dizb37aqa5h4skgu7jf1xjr4q71w4paq

Then several GPG apps can automatically download your key based on your e-mail address (e.g. GnuPG, OpenKeychain, Enigmail, Mailpile, etc.)

Check out how kernel.org uses WKD: https://www.kernel.org/category/signatures.html#using-the-web-key-directory or a guide with more details: https://keyserver.mattrude.com/guides/web-key-directory/

See you!

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"blacklist" is racist. please use "list of color" instead
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