I plan to go full GNU for some time

Emacs, Guix etc

Guix Installer doesn't boot, I try to find other ways to get it running


It crashes my EFI system instantly, trying to read this weird second EFI partition

@lue @MadestMadness which version did you try? I had basically the same issue and it was fixed in 1.0.1

@lue @MadestMadness oof, then yeah, it's probably no use x3

I don't know why it's such a mess, but it is. The closest thing you can do is to put a lightweight distro base like Debian and then install Guix on top, but is it worth it?


What I currently do is to creating an image I can just dd on my drive
But I need to compile stuff from source like Linux, which takes long :loading:

@lue @espectalll You can even create an installer by installing Guix on a foreign distro, creating a disk image, and then install from that disk image with a new config file using "guix system reconfigure". 🙂

Essentially you would do an install by "updating" to a different location as specified in your system config file. 😛

That way, you can create an installer with a nonfree Linux kernel, for example 🙂


Sorry very much, it seems like NixOS is fitting more for my case... I can't use full GNU, my systems don't allow that

@lue @espectalll Aw, bummer. 😛 Was it the boot issue or the lack of non-free drivers? I definitely understand how it isn't for everyone at the moment, though 🙂

@MadestMadness @espectalll

I just want it working... And NixOS is like a working Guix


Nix is like Guix without hardware limitations and weird problems...

Also with every iso comes the full Manual...

...Yep, I have decided

I installed Guix one hour ago on a laptop, no Emacs in sight, only Nano.
It feels weird to not have it by default and to not have Vi too (but that's normal).

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