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**Drones, Guns and Abject Heroes in America**

"A couple Saturdays ago I attended the monthly protest near the drone base located on what used to be the Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Horsham, PA, outside Philadelphia. The vigil has been going on monthly for a number of years, peopled by some of the most spiritual, peace-loving people I know. I’d say More The post Drones,…"

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поражение с Динамо, но все равно сегодняшний матч огонь! спасибо, вам ребята!!

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Dylan Evans - Eksperyment Utopia

Rewelacyjnie napisane, błyskotliwe i do bólu szczere studium depresji, rozpadu i psychicznego kryzysu na tle krytycznego spojrzenia na cywilizacyjne przemiany XX-XXI wieku!
Pewnie Thoreau w obecnych czasach wylądowałby dokładnie tam, gdzie Dylan Evans - znany i doceniany naukowiec, filozof i wykładowca uniwersytecki..

Lektura obowiązkowa!

Sonia, wokalista PSYCHONEUROSIS, walczy z ciężką odmianą raka!! Pomóż mu skopać dupę tej pierdolonej chorobie!!

, vocalist of legendary Polish band PSYCHONEUROSIS has a !! Support him and send a money for "nanoknife" surgery!!


325: **Demo in Solidarity with Immigrants and Spaces of Struggle – Athens, Greece**

"[November 2] Solidarity Demonstration for immigrants and spaces of struggle // Against the State and Capitalistic Development On November 2nd, we are calling comrades from Greece and all over the world to show their solidarity, and to …"

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Colorized footage of the first ever space walk by Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in 1965 . 🔊

Самый лучший подарок на это конечно - спасибо вам большое!!
Ебать, мне уже 40... :anarchismred:

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