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philosophy | books | cultural anthropology | existentialism | non-fiction | reportage | hard SF | サイバーパンク | atheism | astronomy | bicycle | radio | shortwave broadcasting | россия | сибирь | восток | bass guitar | grind | crust | powerviolence | oldschool death metal | ebm | industrial | experimental | dark ambient | classical | anarchoindividualism | vege | linux | debian | CLI | minimalism | monochrome | esperanto | čeština | русский | english :anarchistflagblack:

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I am a refugee from (also lukaso666 there), because the server doesn't work correctly, or - to be honest - works shitty! Many weeks with lags, timeouts and problems with picture sending..
So, I'm here right now :) Note: if you are my on quitter, add my new account on ! Thanks! :anarchismred:

Na našem webu naleznete text o nové organizaci , z pera jedno z členů a také report z prvního setkání černorudých skautů a skautek, které proběhlo na konci srpna v Brdech. 🏕️

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and at night.. perfect time for tired brain..

to Daily Mix on (with projects) and Bernd Heinrich's "Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds"

🎵 "Залетаю в магазин, выпускаю магазин..."

Я никакой эксперт в области русского рэпа (польского, кстати тоже), иногда слушаю Obladet, Скриптонит ну и конечно охуенный Кровосток..
Но мне понравился последний альбом Face - "Пути Неисповедимы" . Сам Face это конечно не мое, но ебать, некоторые тексты мне правда понравились.. Я сам удивлен..

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cheap after hard ... working class going to sleep 🥃 ⚒️ :anarchistflagblack:

I took this in 2010 with some b+w film that I stole from the art teacher’s draw, and today I title it, “a mood”

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