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▪️ what I like ▪️
philosophy | books | cultural anthropology | existentialism | non-fiction | reportage | hard SF | サイバーパンク | atheism | astronomy | bicycle | radio | shortwave broadcasting | россия | сибирь | восток | bass guitar | grind | crust | powerviolence | oldschool death metal | ebm | industrial | experimental | dark ambient | classical | anarchoindividualism | vege | linux | debian | CLI | minimalism | monochrome | esperanto | čeština | русский | english :anarchistflagblack:

The #XMPP Newsletter for September '22 is out!

Read about the latest XMPP universe updates, such as @Monal, and #python nbxmpp + of course the latest updates on our #Standards!

Enjoy! 📰 ☕

#jabber #xep #interoperability

Zadie Smith on discovering the secret history of Black England: ‘Into my ignorance poured these remarkable facts’

"The past has its own sovereignty and psychogeography, its own suffering, its own ideas about suffering’s alleviation. The people who lived and died in that strange land deserve, at the very least, our close attention and respect, both for what they went through and for how they themselves conceptualised it."

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dla zainteresowanych → zmieniłem text nt gemini_PL, tak by informował o liście z Codeberg, a niejako tylko przy okazji o doku gemini_PL na Stacji, jako o miejscu informującym o polskich akcentach w Gemini..
szablon tekstu tutaj:


Dzisiaj jest Międzynarodowy Dzień Kawy! 👌 ☕

Kto obchodził? 🖐️

Working on a drawing for a metal band again, this one with heavy Bloodborne and lovecraftian inspiration :3


Women of tell their story of bravery, defying oppression and fighting for a most basic right. It’s simple yet powerful:

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