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Huh I guess I’ve written ‘dick’ so often that my phone autocorrects to that from ‘sick’ now.

Стритарта немножк. Омг, какое же днище вставать в 6 утра (точнее даже в 5.30).. Желаю себе, чтоб такое не повторялось. Ну или хотя бы как можно реже. #стритарт #рисункинастенах #москва #уличноеискусство #streetart #urbanart #Moscow

Fuuuck yeeeeah! 😈 📻

Today I got my D-808! 😎

Super-fast delivery from China to Poland - 7 days! Price: 79 $
XHDATA is amazing (better) alternative for DE-1103 and works reaaly fine, especially on and . I'm fucking happy 📻 😉 I'll test my new radio soon!

Some ideas from the #HackerNarratives blogpost I'm writing:

#cyberpunk doesn't describe a state of the world, but is a perspective which we can take to perceive the reality.

Cyberpunk and technical dystopias started out as warnings, but got embraced because of a constant future shock the society is feeling.

Now it's easier to accept huge megacorporations and surveillance because _we know them_ from the culture and stories, while we see no realistic alternatives.

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📻 📻 📻

Yesterday's outside the town...

Wired antennas ~ 1130 UTC ~ 14188 kHz (SSB - USB) ~ 14157 kHz (SSB - USB) ~ southern Poland...

Amazing weather, amazing reception!

🏒 🏒 🏒 💚 🖤 🧡


0:1 - 26:44 - Jegor Rożkow - Josef Vitek, Jakub Stasiewicz
1:1 - 31:21 - Jakub Kubeš - Peter Fabuš, Kamil Wróbel
2:1 - 41:34 - Radosław Nalewajka - Kamil Wróbel, Jakub Kubeš
3:1 - 51:57 - Jakub Kubeš - Radosław Nalewajka, Dominik Paś (5/4)

Tylko Gieksa, tylko zwycięstwo!!! absolutnym bohaterem tego meczu! Mistrz!

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Fuuuck yeeeah! 📻

I bought D-808 FM stereo/ SW / MW / LW SSB AIR RDS and I'm waiting for delivery!

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"BlacKkKlansman", while it several times feels as if it can't make up its mind as to which genre or side it is on, eventually does sort itself out and turns into a "I would definitely recommend".
Obviously, the movie is as relevant now as when the depicted events took place in 1972/1979, so the sugarcoating of including some comedic elements may have been deemed required for the audience to stomach the real biographical events.

As usual, extra credit to those cast members that took on the parts of playing characters presumably with opinions and actions directly opposite to their own. Playing the hero(es) will always be more attractive than plating people of repulsive actions.

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