I'm newbie in OS-family... I want to install or - what's better: "pure" FreeBSD or "friendly" GhostBSD?
I'll install also (on second partition) or GNU/Linux

What's a good to test and learn on ?? Any recommendations?

@lukaso666 Personally I prefer vanilla FreeBSD but it's a bit more work to get it running on the desktop. The handbook however is your friend most of the time. :) Can't say anything about GhostBSD since I never tried it.

@lukaso666 Dunno if that really counts as advice :D Good luck, I hope you are going to enjoy BSD :)


@raichoo is right in that the Handbook is probably the best place to start and learn about FreeBSD. Some other guides that you may find helpful are listed below. If you run into problems, people here and on the forums are very helpful.


@samir, thank you sooo much! I'll look at the guides soon! And probably I'll ask FreeBSD-users on IRC :)

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