Good morning Fediverse.

A little side note: It's Thorsday.

when you forgot to renew your password on your work laptop and then all hell breaks loose.

So I still have to run more tests but, if you have an Atem Mini Pro (or if you use OBS), you can basically do what Streamyard charges you $49/month for (having guests) for free using

For us: → Browser → Input to Atem → Stream from Atem directly to RTMP endpoint (Owncast, Vimeo, etc.)

(It’s also free and open source under the AGPL license.)

#SmallTech #LiveStreaming

A libre build of the Swiss contact tracing application is now available on F-Droid: LibreCHovid!

If you live in Switzerland, it is a better option than CCTG: in case of an infection, you can directly enter the Covidcode you can receive with your positive test result to warn others without needing to call the German TAN hotline.

Wer übrigens keine Lust auf Cookie-Consent-Banner hat, der kann sich mit uBlock Origin behelfen. Add-on installieren -> Einstellungen -> Filter lists -> Annoyances -> Häkchen bei "EasyList Cookie" setzen. Fertig.

Mehr zum mächtigen Add-on:



Mein Girokonto soll jetzt 4,90 € pro Monat kosten.

Was sie verschweigen: Es gibt weiter ein kostenloses Basic-Konto! Sehr kundenunfreundlich!


#verbraucherschutz #lauteshirn

For those who like Indie games I just discovered the beautiful artful game "GRIS" and I fell absolutely in love with it. If you haven't played it you should take a look at GRIS. The game itself is not very long, only a couple of hours but its beauty and feels are absolutely wonderful.

It also runs on Linux (via Lutris).


Official site:


Hello Fediverse, how is everyone doing this Monday?

I do have mixed feelings about this day and I don't like it but we will see. I should accept the things I can't change and take care of those I can. 💪

Something soothing for the weekend. This is exactly what I need for today. Something to ease my mind. I hope you can enjoy this chill out track as much as I can.

Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze [Ott Remix] (Unofficial HD Music Video)

Well if this get's you through your day be grumpy, but polite at the same time. I know you can do this. :yayblob:

Happy timezone, Fediverse. May this part of the day bring you insight, wisdom and bliss.

On the other hand ... let's be realistic and just survive this day by not being too grumpy, shall we?



Quick info: I'm still looking for good german creators for my Peertube instance

My instance is actively moderated and i want to basically the same as @tilvids but for german content.

So if you make german videos, i would be happy to see you on my instance.
To all others: Please boost! :)

And good morning to you too.

You know it's going to be a tough day when at 8.15 a.m. some craftsperson is doing loud hammering in the apartment below you and you have to work from home.

Happy Monday y'all.

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