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Luricaun the Schmusicaun

Every time I see Amy Acker coming on the screen in a TV show I go like this: 😍

Happened so in "Person of Interest" and just noticed she is also in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01E19.

#gnu #linux als Standard-Wahlalternative für die Computer-Arbeitsplätze von ~35000 Student*innen? 30 stud. Gremien der #HumboldtUni haben sich bereits mit #gnuHU solidarisiert. Es bleibt eine Mammut-Aufgabe - mal sehen, wie hilfreich Mastodon(ten) sind, die dahinterliegende Idee in Form von #gnUNI an anderen Bildungsträgern zu verbreiten... alle Updates zu #gnuHU gibt es in Zukunft jedenfalls auch hier! Danke im Voraus für alle Retoots zu und!

The UV-active Karmic Koala shirts arrived \o/ :). They are so beautiful both in daylight and in UV light. Uggagula did an awesome job, as always <3. Who wants to purchase the first available shirt?

Good morning Fediverse.

I just drooled on my t-shirt while having breakfast for no reason. It just happened.

And how is your Saturday morning going?

Just thought I'd share this, not that I'm in a position to do anything about it:

I would call myself moderately technical, have shifted everything off of Google/AWS, etc...I think I hit my wall of caring trying to make Wordpress not use Google Fonts.

Installing Signal is too complicated for people who live on WhatsApp.

Where is that wall for people and how do we poke enough holes through it?

For all you crazy electronic music 💗 people out there.

Feel free to drop into the live stream of Parookaville 2018 the biggest electronic music festival in Germany. It's happening this year from (today) Friday July 20th thru Sunday July 22nd.

Can someone who was affected by the reappearing updates bug please confirm this is fixed in 1.3alpha4?

Here is the bug:

Boohoo. No series night tonight. *sigh*

Tonight all I'm in for is two episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and then sleep. Hopefully.

See you on the other side.

Btw: Popular misunderstanding:

"xxx days(!)" does not mean "Oh my god you are such a great admin! You managed to keep this server running for soo many days!"


It says: "You suck at your job because new, fixed kernel versions have been ignored for such a long time. Go and reboot your server, you stupid human!"

(assuming Kernel live patching was not used).

I have found a website that sells 'pride kilts' and I have to say these are fantastic.

They are quite expensive, but here is a link:

Was ist noch unsicherer als Windows-Computer, auf denen seit Jahren keine Sicherheitsupdates installiert wurden?
Smartphones, auf die seit Jahren keine Sicherheitsupdates installiert wurden. Und auf die sollen jetzt gespült werden. Was kann da schon schiefgehen?

This must be one of the creepiest family (self)portraits I've come across:

"Apologies for the intrusion," said a strange voice in my head. "We are telepaths on a distant planet, and usually tune humanity out as background noise. But so many of you ask, all the time, so we checked: yes, there are others like you, and yes, you can be loved. Okay?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Anyone else having problems with the newest edition of Amazon Fire TV (the UHD 4K version that has the attached HDMI cable you can't I got stuck at the point where it loads the Home screen.

is dead.

Quote: "July 16: YouTube api features are back but mp4 <video> is replaced with the standard YT video embed. HookTube is now effectively just a light-weight version of youtube and useless to the 90% of you primarily concerned with denying Google data and seeing videos blocked by your governments."

Source: HookTube changelog (July 16th, 2018)

@luricaun Backups are considered to be a separate copy of data on separate physical media.

If you replicate those snapshots to another zpool, then that is a backup. This is exactly what I'm doing. :-)

That other feeling when you want to do the same with a new TV and receiver with the small difference that money here is money times 10. 😑

you wanna replace two Archer C7 for your hotspots with two Unifi AP Pro and dump money into tech stuff just because.