Health / MiMiMi 

Health / MiMiMi 

While watching "Atypical" in it gave me a glimpse of what people with autism deal with everyday. Besides can anyone give their two cents about this show? Probably someone with experience about autism? Is this show a good example and quite accurate of how people with autism are represented?

And on another note I found this beautiful song in S02E05.

Noah Cyrus - I'm Stuck

Health / cold again 

Right now I appreciate the time I was able to spend with a wonderful human being.

Sitting under a tree.

Thank you for this.

And this is also .

Due to excellent help by @Bobo_PK I now have a new and awesome IPS display panel on my Lenovo Thinkpad L440 in Full HD (1920x1080).

And I am geeking out a little. So many amazing people around here. <3

Heute Abend 22 Uhr. und auf der . gibt euch 2h Druckbeschallung. :fairydust: :anarchoheart2: :antifa:

Mist - Habe T-Shirt "(fitted) – L" ab zu geben. Gerne gegen normals L oder gegen Bares.

Heute Abend erzähle ich auf der von meinen Erfahrungen im Recurse Center! Um 21 Uhr in der Parkstraße:

Gold morning Fediverse.

Out to another beautiful day at .

Seems someone took my mug from the table above breakfast area tonight. It has my profile pic as sticker on the bottom. If you find it somewhere, can you please tell me? :)

Wenn du auswärts pennst und das Erste, was du beim betreten der Wohnung siehst, dieser Sticker ist. <3

Gerne immer so. :D

For the last 2 months, I’ve been fixing a small shed to use as a workshop

With a little luck, I might have found someone. So lovely. <3 Wish me luck that all goes to plan tomorrow.

I didn't bring my plotter but I have procedurally generated stickers with me. They are next to the board games above the breakfast area

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