Ello Fedi-creatures,

my day contains 2 webinars I am going to participate some light work and a doctor's appointment in the afternoon.

In case you were wondering which you weren't but I told you anyway.

Love, Luri. <3

As some of you might know: I'm gonna move in together with my SO in a new apartment. Now I was wondering if I wanna do some fancy smart lighting and wanted to ask if you have any experience with this kind of stuff. I preferably want a system that doesn't need to talk with a server somewhere other than my own network.

Dear Fediverse,

please take this smooth and relaxing song as compensation for the things that happened to you today sponsered by a typical Monday.

Maybe you feel a little better after listening to this song.
"Why?" you might ask? Well, let me tell it like this: I adore you! <3

You're welcome.

Harry Styles - Adore You

If you're traveling to a different country that's not covered by your mobile data plan, check out the fantastic "Prepaid Data SIM Wiki". It covers pay-as-you-go options for a wide range of countries and gets constantly updated:


Leider wird der Admin von simplewire.de den Betrieb seiner bis dato immer empfehlenswerten #Jabber-Instanz am 31.03 einstellen (siehe Homepage). An dieser Stelle sei ihm alles Gute gewünscht.

Nutzer:innen, die nun ein neues Zuhause suchen, dürfen gerne spootle.de in Betracht ziehen - eine recht kleine, Deutsche Instanz die von einem Admin (mir 😉) betreut wird.

Registrierung via App oder unter:

Webchat gibt's unter:


With: Myself.
Showing: Independence Day Resurgence

Don't @ me, I haven't seen this one yet and I'm into some mindless action movie.

It's finally weekend. Yatta! 😊

(warning: grown men in underwear)

Looks like I had some messed up state of mind the whole time. At first I thought that there is no open port because I won't see any open UDP ports via lsof -i -P which actually didn't show any open UDP port.

Then I tried again several configuration methods and one actually worked. Not sure what I made wrong but it was a combination of wrong keys (private / public) and network settings in the configs.

Thanks again to all that offered help.

It works now. Luricaun happy.

The instance simplewire.de white down in March 31st. Any recommendations on stable instances (except the mentioned ones at the end)?

Physical health (~-) 

Zugverkehr in NRW eingestellt. Jetzt sitzen wir in Köln fest. Kenne ich da Menschen, oder will ich der Bahn nen Hotelgutschein aus dem Ärmel schütteln?

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