I'm going to watch another episode of "The Magicians" and then go to bed.

Hey I am looking for tips from people who are running their own #instance. Do you host for yourself or for family and friends?
A few people I know that use #twitter a lot might like the #fediverse but I couldn't convince them to join.
I think that I didn't make a convincing case 😑
I like the technology but that's not enough for everyone.

Here's a picture of some of my half-dried curly hair for you. Just because.

Remember when I told you yesterday about my anxiety meeting new people no matter how wonderful they have been to you so far?

Yesterday was one of those rare moments when you just felt being at the right time in the right place. No matter how strange you might have been before the more you felt like belonging there from the very beginning.

Those moments are what makes life worth living.

Thank you all for this memorable evening. 💙💚💛🧡💜🖤❤️

Meeting new people for the first time no matter how lovely their are still makes me nervous.

Not to say my heart racing.

That usually normalizes instantly once I'm there but until then...

Well, let's do this then, shall we?

It was good! It all worked out!

Photo shows a person drawing on a painting of Rosa Luxemburg hanging on a wall (it's in a museum) with colorful markers. #mastoart #performance

Ein paar Beispiele gefällig?
Verschlüsselung stärken - Tor verbieten
Personalmangel bei Polizei ignorieren - Polizeigesetze verschärfen
Dieselskandal ignorieren - Grenzwerte hochsetzen
Digitalsteuer ablehnen - Verantwortung an Plattformen abschieben -> Uploadfilter
Grundrechte für die Sicherheit opfern - Nazis in Polizei und Militär ignorieren


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