🔥 A new vulnerability in the Firefox browser app for Android could let attackers execute intent-based commands on smartphones connected to the same network as the attacker.

Details, Demo and Exploit — thehackernews.com/2020/09/fire

Make sure your Firefox is updated to v80 or later.

Does anyone know a good #PHP code profiler? One that's not overly complicated to use. I want something where I can get a readout of where @gamingonlinux is slow.

I installed the new PC cases into my server rack at home today. My back hurts A LOT but I like it.

P.S.: For now I haven't replaced my old gaming case and my gaming pc is still in the old one. Need some more things for the switch like DP, USB, power cables that are long enough, new CPU fan, etc.

The case is this one if you are interested:


This morning I listened to Past-Me and didn't try to fall asleep again after one hour of trying.

It was 4.15 when I woke up and 5.30 when I got up. Sure, you would certainly do the same, right?


Well anyhow, Goob Mawning Fediverse.

Weiß jemand zufällig außer OVH und AWS noch einen Hoster, der VMware Cloud Lösungen weltweit anbietet?

I was on a little shopping spree for things I actually doesn't really need but wanted to treat myself with tech stuff so I did.

I'm really excited if everything is here and is setup properly. It's the little things these days.

The 20th German #BigBrotherAwards will be streamed live this Friday starting 18 CEST (17 BST, 16 UTC).

English live translation will be provided by the famous @SebaLis@twitter.com.

Be sure to tune in:


Here's an interesting use of map from #OpenStreetMap : mapping
the sounds of the forests.

How does it sound in your part of the world?

Lots of submissions from Europe, but everywhere else is sparse. I wonder if any of you folks from the corner of the world are keen to share something.


Back on the job/gig hunt again. If anyone had need for a purple team dude specializing in WiFi hacking, and endpoint/threathunting... I’m all ears!

Also, I am equipped and prepared to do contract work through my company if that is what you need too. Please boost the signal and help me put kids through college. :)

The weather was undecided today; sun and rain alternated, but wonderful regardless

Hallo Fediverse, Passwörter im Klartext rumliegen lassen ist ja bekanntlich ein Frevel. Hier gibt es aber aktuell folgende Situation: Einen Anwendung funktioniert nur mit gültiger Lizenz. Wie lange die eingespielte Lizenz noch gültig ist lässt sich über einen REST API call rausfinden. Für den API call benotigt es aber einen Account mit Sysadminrechten. Wie lege ich das Passwort für einen solchen Account sicher so ab, dass es von einem Icinga Check verwendet werden kann? :boost_ok:

how many genders are there? 

- 2 Common genders everyone gets in the starter pack
- 3-5 Rare genders you’ll probably have picked up if you’ve been playing for a while
- an unknown number of Epic & Legendary genders that most players have never even seen
- a theoretically infinite number of Crafted genders

You are broke and want to become a #Linux admin and don't know how to start?

The "Introduction to Linux Server Administration" includes the source material for the 20 lessons of what was previously a commercial online Linux server admin course - now free. #sysadmin


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