Sometimes when surfing through my timeline I read people telling their tales, their adventures and their hopes and dreams.

Occasionally something really stands out. I usually don't recommend people or shout out to someone specific but the story about @TQ giving her art out on the street, hanging it at places for anyone to (hopefully) pick it up and enjoy it made me so happy inside and so damn proud of her. I don't know why but I just felt this.

So there. Now you know. <3


Also I could for example mention the "A Whales Lantern" @awhaleslantern by @masu who brings strangers together to create music with strangers. This is also another wonderful example for how amazing this platform is and how much I like it here.

And yes there are probably a million other projects and people all over the place and I am just making examples.

I am just so happy being able to be a part of this.

P.S.: I am ok, and not dying or anything. Just had a really soft moment. <3

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