@moneybirdy Welcome to the wonderous world of the Fediverse. So many wonders, so much magic. 🧙

@luricaun That would be awesome. 😀 I'm happy that people in this platform are very friendly.

@moneybirdy Most of us are and if they are not you can just mute / ban / ignore them. So I hope you find a very cozy home around here. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. It's just a little different but better imho.

@luricaun Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate it. 😀 I feel good here but don't know to get my friends from other fb to connect me here.

@moneybirdy Well that's another story. I guess the "best" way would be if you get them to join the Fediverse as well but that's just my opinion.

Public (and unlisteted) toots as they are called here can be viewed via your profile page. But real communication is as far as I know only possible with an account on one of the instances.

@luricaun I haven't told them because I'm the only one who jump off ship from facebook because I feel too much toxic in that platform. 😀 Does that mean that you can private message here with your friends?


@moneybirdy Well yes and no. You can post a "Direct Message" to people mentioned in the toot you are writing.

BUT, the admin of instance you choose (here: fosstodon.org) and the admins of the people you wrote can (theoretically) read even "Direct Messages". So there is no guarantee that it is real "private". It's a question of how much you trust your instance admins.

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@luricaun Oh! I see that's how it works. I understand a little bit now, when I hover my mouse in the three dots, I saw the DM function. Thank you for your explanation. x

@moneybirdy You're welcome. Hope this links helps a little to get into this amazing Fediverse.

@luricaun Thanks a million for your help. 😀 I will check the link later on. You are so kind.

@moneybirdy Take all your time. I'm off anyways for today. Night, night.

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