I have noticed something and was wondering if others have experienced similar behaviour.

I am using and Auto-Type with and noticed that (I guess it was) Firefox Version 83 Auto-Type didn't work anymore for several sites.

Seems that Firefox changed the naming of the Tabs with two (or three?) hyphens instead of one which breaks pretty much any Auto-Type entry. Screenshot with the new and old naming attached.

Can someone confirm?

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@luricaun Yup. I had this same realization with some sticky notes (diff software) that were "attached" to certain web pages based on window title.

How come stuff like this isn't in the changelogs?

@drmast Well good, at least I am not the only one. Started to doubt myself here for a couple of days. Thanks for your reply though.

@luricaun it's one character — (hyphen) not three - (minus).
I don't know if it changed because in Firefox I use the KeePassXC Browser extension.

@storchp Well it if differs from the former syntax which breaks the app integration. But interesting to know that the Firefox Add-On seems to circumvent this new syntax as it seems. Thanks for sharing.

@luricaun the extension doesn't use the window title, just the URL of the KeePassXC entry.

@storchp Well that makes totally sense then. I should try the Add-on myself which I haven't so far.

@stackoverflow Well I didn't put too much effort in it and just take it as they come. One after another. Not going though every entry in my db.

@luricaun Also I have noticed that the BIG Paypall and google login boxes no longer have the username and password on the same page at the same time. This makes using the password manager, a little more difficult. I have dumped my gmail for postfix, I hope this is not a trend.

@stackoverflow Oh I guess it is. Like Apple, Microsoft, etc. they all go this way and it makes me so angry. I dislike this behaviour so much. It feels like those companies deliberately want to make its customers mad.

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