Finally I was able to take the time and do some *really* necessary maintenance to my MacBook Pro.
Thoroughly cleaned inside and replaced all the almost a decade old thermal compound.
No luck with the spare fan I had in mind, as that one had already been replaced. Need to order a new one.
Otherwise surgery concluded successfully.

@MacLemon This might sound like a dumb questions but what did you use to clean up the CPU / GPU so proper? Wondering about the liquid and cleaning utensil. Would be happy to get some alternatives for what I am usually using.

@luricaun It totally unmagical paper kitchen towels to wipe off the rough stuff. An old toothbrush to get into the tiny grooves and crannies and some isopropyl alcohol in a paper towel to make it clean and shiny. Don‘t apply any mechanical force, thermal compound goes off easily, no matter how old or dry it is.
Just make sure yourself and the workspace are properly grounded at all times to avoid damage by electrostatic discharge.

Liquid Metal is a different story.


@MacLemon That sounds pretty straight forward and nothing too exotic. For me it was a kitchen papertowels to clean it up, so nothing fancy or even close to "this clean" you managed. Isopropyl alcohol is something I should get for that matter because I don't have any and the toothbrush is an very interesting choice to get it from those those places that aren't easy to get to. I will take your way into consideration next time. And yes, always stay grounded.

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