design, , : Does anyone know of a good, possibly video, lecture series covering basic and intermediate topics? paid is ok. boosts very welcome!

@luto I learned all I know about kicad from a Udemy course... it was for free as far as I remember but I already had experience with electronics design so I only needed to get used to the UI.
what's your current level?

@luto Disclaimer: No personal experience. I know of by Chris Gammell, co-host of The Amp Hour (

@luto I watched this free tutorial series on youtube when I got started with KiCAD:

It was pretty helpful!

@luto I've seen quite a few videos on PCB design and all of them are crap. There is way too much to cover and those who know anything know they know nothing and don't dare to make a lecture out of it.
On top of that, electronics design is a craft. Something that you need to learn by doing. It cannot properly taught by lecture.
My advice is, get someone who reviews your design and tells you how to improve rather than going to look for lectures.

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