Is there a good recipe manager for Android/Web or at least web? self-hosted, SaaS, FOSS, paid: don't care.

I'd like to document my own recipes and those of others. The app should understand separate steps in the method, ingredients and their amounts. So it should do more than just sync text. Bonus: Link ingredients to their appearance in steps to show amounts etc.

boosts very welcome, please!



Yes! Same here. IMO the best feature is the easy import of recipes from several cooking websites, so you dont have to remember where you found a recipe nor type everything from scratch.

@luto das hier vielleicht... Hab es allerdings nur kurz benutzt und bin dann auf eine analoges Notizbuch umgestiegen.

@luto there are several Recipe templates for the static site generator
I didn't try it for recipes on my own but for other pages and I really like it. You could simply write the recipes in markdown and even host the site for free using Github pages.

@luto Bei Wunsch nach Schmerzen: grocy kann auch Rezepte

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