Well I guess at least the page fault handler works. Now to find out what corrupts task memory. I'm 90% certain it's because I'm not allocating the stack properly, but who knows.

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@lutoma thinking about it… is there something like an "expected page fault"?

@lutoma ah wait. remembering my OS course in university… is that what happens when you swap a page to disk and then try to access it again?

@daniel_bohrer Hmm, probably also then, but I don't have any swapping implemented so far. :)

@lutoma there you see it. Implement swapping, and you don't have to change that error message! :D

@daniel_bohrer Ha, I wondered the same thing recently. I think I wrote it this way to differentiate from page faults in programs, which don't brick the whole kernel.

There is a single page in the kernel context though that is intentionally unallocated to test page fault handling, so I guess that would be the only "expected page fault". I should probably still change the error message at some point.

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