Tried booting Xelix in VirtualBox for the first time in ages. Looks like it's not very happy with the new interrupt handling. I think it fires a nested interrupt right after initialization where QEMU doesn't, and that triggers one of the several reentrancy issues still scattered throughout the code.

Probably related to another issue where any PCI interrupt will cause mysterious triple faults. Which is very frustrating since I recently ported the PicoTCP stack, but now have no way of getting packets into it…


Xelix news: Managed to fix the PCI issues I've been having (by making PCI interrupts non-reentrant for now), wrote a driver for Ne2000 NICs and hooked that up to PicoTCP.

Suddenly: Internet! Next up, figuring out how to expose all this properly as BSD sockets in userland.

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@lutoma I don't understand it, but I admire that it works

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