Xelix news: Managed to fix the PCI issues I've been having (by making PCI interrupts non-reentrant for now), wrote a driver for Ne2000 NICs and hooked that up to PicoTCP.

Suddenly: Internet! Next up, figuring out how to expose all this properly as BSD sockets in userland.


Added the unlink() syscall. 😈 Delete everything!

Tried booting Xelix in VirtualBox for the first time in ages. Looks like it's not very happy with the new interrupt handling. I think it fires a nested interrupt right after initialization where QEMU doesn't, and that triggers one of the several reentrancy issues still scattered throughout the code.

In related news, spent a lot of time making context switching more stable and improving the ext2 driver recently. Ported pciutils/lspci earlier today and it's starting to feel like a real UNIX™.

Dringend fehlendes Emoji auf dieser Instanz: :thonk:

Well I guess at least the page fault handler works. Now to find out what corrupts task memory. I'm 90% certain it's because I'm not allocating the stack properly, but who knows.


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