I'm Brenna...you might know me from the birdsite.

TERFs can fuck off...Nazis can get punched.

i'm eliza, a trans girl.
the only magic i know is the magic of making posts
i run @yourfavegay

def liking the vibe here better than the bird site.

not a single person has @'d us with some "antifa are the real fascists" type shit over here. 🖤❤🤘

For the record, I've never been "edgy" and I resent the accusations. Ketchup is a drink and that's just a fact

me, entrapped by the noxiously addictive scent of the birdsite: i will never succumb to the land of the tooting. never will i toot.

me, seeing literally every mutual migrate to the elephantsite: peer pressure has taken another blessed soul this fine evening. she is a cruel, cold mistress who refuses to recognize jazz fusion as a good genre of music.

Enjoying the fediverse and your Sunday? Go to the issue tracker of your favourite fediverse app/open source tool, and:

- Open a feature request for that little itch you encountered
- Open a bug report for that annoying behaviour you found (UX bugs count)
- Scroll through the issue list for as long as you want. Verify unverified bug reports. Mention issues that have been resolved. Offer your input on issues where the solution is not clear. Vote (+1 the report on GitHub) issues important to you.


Are you a

and the answer is yes, yes we all are

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