Just published blinkblink, a little CLI tool that can flash text and GIFS(!) to your fancy new Blinkenrocket! github.com/maggo/blinkblink Please test and feedback welcome! 🚀

@Bobo_PK hey! Machst du diesen Congress wieder ne Präsentation oder Workshop zum Thema chiptune, oder vielleicht hast du Zeit für je kleine Einführung? Würde mich Mal interessieren wie das mit der Hardware funktioniert 😁

Fertig gepackt. Um 3 Uhr geht der Zug nach Leipzig. Hoffentlich schlaucht das nicht zu sehr 😅

Hello Tootsters, I'm back for ! Got no fixed schedule for the first two days yet, so what workshops should I join, which assemblies visit, people to meet?! I want to waste less time in talks this year 😅

Maybe it's time to come back to mastodon now that twitter is messing up everything? Hi!

Back on mastodon while I'm preparing for hello everyone!

And on to the news, our latest release!!
1.4.1 (1.4) is finally live \o/
Some of the goodies?
* DMs are more visible
* Untag yourself from conversations
* Users can mute instances
* Language filters for Local/federated timeline
* Media gallery view on profiles
* new art by @dopatwo

read more here:

#Mastodon #Updates #announcement #mastodev


Just finished Oxenfree. Great game! Ending was weird, but that's how it goes with that timey-wimey stuff. I'm just sad that I couldn't reach my ultimate goal... Didn't try hard enough

Mister Rogers on twitch has a black and white filter on the interface. How awesome is that <3 twitch.tv/misterrogers

Damn Oxenfree's story gets better with every minute. It felt like it was almost over and now there's a whole new dimension to it!

From all of us here, I want to wish you happy painting and God bless, my friends. Life is too short to be alone, too precious. Share it with a friend.

Started playing Oxenfree. Damn what a great atmosphere. Awesome soundtrack and very interesting mystery. And in there your typical slice-of-life teenie drama. I love stuff like this!

It's free with Twitch Prime, so if you got an Amazon Prime subscription go get it!

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