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„Wenn man den Personalmangel wg einer ansteckenden Krankheit in den Griff bekommen will, indem die Kranken ansteckend zur Arbeit dürfen, ist das so als wenn Wasser ins Boot läuft und man bohrt Löcher, damit es besser ablaufen kann.“

#Corona #Pflegenotstand #PflegeBrennt

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Neue Pressemitteilung des BfDI: Der BfDI, Prof. Ulrich Kelber, kritisiert den aktuellen Verordnungsentwurf der EU-Kommission zur Prävention und Bekämpfung des sexuellen Missbrauchs von Kindern: „Die sogenannte Chatkontrolle bietet kaum Schutz für Kinder, wäre aber Europas Einstieg in eine anlasslose und flächendeckende Überwachung der privaten Kommunikation.“ / ÖA

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☺️: "Kannst du die Bilder von der Hochzeit direkt in meine Nextcloud hochladen? Ich schick dir einen Upload-Link."
😭: "Das ist so komplizierter Nerd-kram. Warum hast du nicht einfach eine Dropbox?"

Ich erstelle einen Ordner namens Dropbox in meiner Nextcloud und erstelle der Person einen Upload-Link. Reaktion:

🥳: "Ja! Genau so! Das ist doch viel einfacher!"

The word "work" in "networking" is not there without a reason.

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🇬🇧I am outraged: EU effectively prohibits anonymous payments in .

We should have a right to be able to pay and donate online without our financial transactions being recorded in a personalised way!

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Am Samstag ist bei uns in der Straße das Ulrichsfest! Es gibt vielfältige Musik- und Kulturbeiträge, Essen, Trank und gute Stimmung! Falls du es nicht mehr bis dahin aushälst, heute ist auch unser Public Thursday!

And when your deepest thoughts are broken, keep on dreamin' boy, 'cause when you stop dreamin' it's time to die.

I feel smarter when my brain is running single-threaded.

It just came to my attention, that students from my university built a tool that helps you making web contents more accessible:
"Perspectives - Making the Web Accessible"

I haven't given this topic enough attention before because it was too hard for me to grasp. It's a very important topic and I hope that we all get better at it.

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🇬🇧 🚨 Shocking news from London:

The British government agrees to the extradition of Julian to the USA, where he faces the death penalty. A huge blow for , journalists & .


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And still, after more than 20 years as a student, I find myself memorizing PowerPoint slides for exams (bachelors-degree) instead of working on something that matters and using my strengths. It's time for a change!

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It's very unfortunate that the German educational system is completely based on extrinsic motivation methods. Students should be encouraged to follow their intrinsic motivation. Otherwise we might miss out on using our creativity, thinking outside the box or developing passion and excellence.

I spend so much time on wondering about this simulation instead of just living it.

In the last 4 years I've learnt a lot about software architecture and principles. When it comes to implementing and applying these concepts I sometimes find myself struggling with new languages, that don't have object oriented concepts. Seeing programming languages as a tool is cool, but sometimes I feel that German universities don't do enough to introduce students into different language concepts except OOP.

Eventual consistency is an awesome concept but it also freaks me out!

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