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A backup a day keeps the data loss away

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Having breakfast before going to sleep is much better because eating makes me tired.

I‘m in Amsterdam in an AirBnB and the dog there was a vegan before it ate my Pizza Proscuitto...

As this pun popped up in my brain I thought: "Java is an island, it must be flat and someday it may be under water like many other parts of the world." Seems like I really suck at geography. @fribbledom just told me the highest elevation is 3,676 m (12,060 ft) 😂

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Java is going to survive climate change. Unfortunately I don't mean the island.

A backup a day keeps the data loss away

Why do you think god created the earth in only 7 days? She had a maths exam at the 8th day.

Two weeks ago it was the first time for me to try an Everyman sleep schedule. It worked great for about 5 days until I had a setback because of an emergency at work. Four days ago I started again and I really begin to enjoy it. Of course I was very tired at the beginning and sometimes I oversleep an alarm by mistake. But that's quite human. (lack of sleep can feel like torture)
All in all I still have more hours a day to do whatever I want and that's pretty awesome.

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definitely beats not having breakfast, or trying to have breakfast directly after going to sleep...

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@mahartma So that's the reason why I want to go back to bed right after breakfast 😅

Good to know.

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@mahartma I thought this only happened to me 😅!!!

As I get older when I eat my bodies like alright! Nap time!

Then I'm thinking wait isn't food supposed to give me energy, not take it away! 🤔💭

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"Please Charge"

-- My PS4 controller, whenever I try to play with it

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Charging devices really has become one huge ordeal.

Shit I have to remember keeping charged:

Mobile phone, mouse, game controllers, universal remote control, ebook reader, notebook, watch, cameras, wireless headphones, handheld console, power bank (the irony). I'm probably forgetting another dozen devices here.

I know, I know... real first world problems and privileges.

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If you love working on the command-line as much as I do, you may like what I have been working on recently!

Meet glow - a stylish #markdown viewer for your shell:

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I've collected all your responses and here's my new preliminary .gitignore_global:

# File Managers

# Backup files

# Temporary files

# Logs

# Databases

# Binaries

# Generated files

## Java

## Python

## Javascript

Having breakfast before going to sleep is much better because eating makes me tired.

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How to make friends quickly:

inform everyone who talks about the start of a new decade, that it actually doesn't start before Jan 1st 2021.

You're welcome!

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2020 is more than a day old, and I still haven't seen any of those flying cars.

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Sure, computers may beat me at chess, but they suck at kick-boxing.

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GitHub's trending pages seem pretty broken right now... or I just don't understand why a repo with "2 stars today" is trending.

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