My Jabber server works nicely.
Thanks to @lauritz for testing.

Someone on here with a jabber account willing to try out OMEMO and cross server stuff?

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Looks like the beta testers count has overtaken the follower count. Interesting and a bit scary!

From the feedback so far, I think these are the things I will try to focus on now before releasing a version 1.0:

* Content warnings
* Federated timeline
* Better holding position when clicking Show more
* Character count
* Maybe some animation tweaks
* A few bugs and crashes

1.0 might be a bit rough around the edges still, but popularity has overtaken me a bit and I want to get something out!

Wow. The "toot!" iOS Client Beta is awesome! @tootapp

nothing bad to see here 

Wow. The implementation of content warnings is neat and useful.

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@halcyon is really nicely done, I only wish it came with install documentation. Googling php errors to find out which mods to enable was not the funnest.

But hey, now I have an instance up and running, and while "Twitter-like" wasn't really important to me, "bright and easy to navigate" was.

Hallo. Bin dann auch mal hier.
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