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So that's the plan:

1. get my life under control
2. save the world

Stuck in step one for the past few decades …

There is a difference between

1. using markets to optimize for what we want


2. letting markets decide what we optimize for.

Ist ein Landgraph so etwas ähnliches wie eine Landkarte?

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Hard to defend the thesis that #capitalism promotes innovation, when the main social discourse surrounding any innovation is how to deal with the people who would lose their jobs because of it.

Realize how ridiculous this looks in the grand schema of things: someone comes up with marvelous new technology that solves all your issues and your first reaction as a society is "but what would the people who used to work on that issue do for a living?"

„Die gesamte Linke, erst recht ihr radikaler Teil, ist in der Krise und gesellschaftlich marginalisiert.“ 🤔

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Diese ständige Bild von Frauen, Kindern und Alten, die beschützt werden müssen, auf der einen Seite und Männern, die kämpfen und beschützen auf der anderen, wirft uns alle ein paar Jahrzehnte zurück.

Really looking forward to news sites embedding mastodon posts into their articles.

Or to the “what are people saying on the ” section in random TV shows.

What do you think is the biggest reason that people disagree with the statement

“All humans deserve the same amount of wealth.”

They believe …

is not evil. It’s just a concept.

Evil are those people who claim that it is in everybodies best interest to let capitalism decide how we distribute resources in our society, even though they know better.

I have a question about the .
What exactly is it that drives people over here?
I can think of many problems with the richest man on earth owning a platform like that, but I would like to know what is worrying people most about it.

I mean, I haven’t been using it for years, but all of those reasons are not new. So one of the new reasons must be a real biggie.

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How to make tea: Think about making tea. 1 hr later, get up & put water in kettle. Put kettle on platform without turning on. 15 min later, turn on kettle. 20? min after kettle boils, realize kettle has been done, re-boil. 3 min after kettle boils 2nd time, pour over tea. #MOARTEE

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Vielen Dank für die zahlreichen Antworten auf unseren Aufruf! Wir haben daraus einen kleinen Artikel zum schnellen Einstieg ins Fediverse gebastelt.

Shoutout to Elon Musk for promoting the use of decentralized social media!

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Happy Birthday @cccda Alles Gute zu 17 Jahren Chaos Darmstadt e.V.!

Student needs to calculate a vector. I don‘t understand their calculation, but the result is (4 0 4)^T, which is honest at least …

Now I wonder: Are there organizations promoting and pushing issues of inequality? I don‘t mean just announcing that things are bad or trying to rally like-minded people. I mean really trying to convince the public, informing about the issues, making a real case and going about this in strategic way?


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Some subjective observations:

* Inequality is a big topic in a some part of the media, research and public discourse. But:
* The majority of the population in most countries does not really care or does not understand the problem. (witnessed by the fact that they vote right or liberal.)
* There are (lobby) organizations trying to push liberal agenda, imo actively misguiding the public.
* This is a neglected in school education. (at least it was in my school.)


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Do you subscribe to the Copenhagen interpretation of Dungeons & Dragons or is it more a Many Worlds thing?

rücktrittsforderungen, sexismus 

Ein Haufen Männer, die einer gewissenhaft arbeitenden Frau vorwerfen Zeit mit ihrer Familie zu verbringen. Das ist gleichzeitig dummes Pseudomoralisieren und toxische Aufopferungsrhetorik, die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie für Menschen jeglichen Geschlechts erschwert.

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