For that to actually help I needed to drop the "-e signal=none", obviously strace has to do something to have an effect.

Okay, this is really terrible. But after four days of not finding a solution for some super weird bug in the interaction between urxvt and neomutt I have resorted to some very drastic measures: Calling a program with "strace -e trace=none -e signal=none -qq <program call>".

See why this works and why this is a bad solution under:

(Of course I will make sure to file a bugreport against neomutt.)

confirmation bias: When the software is not doing what you want and everytime you read the documentation again you get surer that it's not your fault but a bug. (Despite the fact that if you extrapolate from past experience you will soon discover a missing semicolon.)

@juliareda schreibt, dass Plattformen ausgenommen sind von den Uploadfiltern, wenn sie drei Bedingungen erfüllen.

Die Tagesschau schreibt, dass sie ausgenommen sind, wenn sie eine der drei Bedingungen erfüllen.

Ich wünschte, die Tagesschau hätte recht. Aber ernüchternd, wie unkritisch die mit dem Vorschlag umgehen...

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Great blog post on why we are just getting sucky recommendations despite being stripped of our privacy for them.

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Ich liebe es wenn ein git pull --rebase funktioniert.

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Die Berliner Morgenpost hat sich mal die Redezeit von Männern und Frauen von Oscar-Filmen der letzten Jahre angesehen. Es ist schon auch immer wieder erschreckend.

"Japan nehme Fragen der Gesellschaft 5.0 auf"

Wir sind schon bei 5.0? Wann waren denn die letzten Releases? Hat irgendjemand ein Changelog?


"Reason evolved primarily to win arguments, not to solve problems"


My is not really optimistic:

`Estimated completion: No convergence`

I think it hasn't said anything else for years about when I will have finished my todo list.

Hey @switchingsocial do you know about a list of alternative mastodon clients? Mastodon is awesome, but I'd love to test different frontends.

I'd also like to hear explanations why this is a completely bad idea and what I actually really want.

Is there a way to develop a GUI with the ease of html+css+javascript as a native app without the security nightmare that electron seems to be?
I am thinking something like frontend and backend together in one executable/script. Is this is even plausible to do?
The closest thing I know is a localhost server on the one side (not nice) and QML on the other side (not as flexible/mighty).

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The practice of office staff referring to colleagues by initials has claimed another victim: the wrong DS is teaching our algebra module this semester.

It's amazing how often I drop a cup without breaking it by letting it hit my foot.

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Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

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Guten Morgen, ich habe mich entschlossen, neben Twitter auch Mastodon zu nutzen, über die Instanz (Hallo, Freue mich auch dort über Gesprächspartner und bin gespannt, ob automatisches Crossposting funktioniert :-)

assembler, programming language:

It's like but you use it, when you don't compile for the browser.

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