Ich denke wir sind an dem Punkt angekommen, an dem die Waffenindustrie mit recht auf die Ölindustrie herabschauen darf.

Also eigentlich sind wir da schon seit den Siebzigern …

I can only encourage you to write bug reports, when you encounter a problem with (FOSS) software.
Not only does it help and contribute to the community, but from my experience thinking about a problem in a way, that you can report it to the software maintainers often forces me to predict their reactions in a way that I can find and solve the problem of my own.

In a way: The best bug reports are the ones you don't finish writing.

(Okay, the _best_ bug reports are the ones with a pull request.)

Wenn Dein Job primär daraus besteht sogenannte „Learning Agreements“ zu unterschreiben und Dein Mailprogramm packt alle E-Mails mit dem Betreff „Re: Learning Agreement“ in einen Thread …

A study published in The BMJ estimates that there were 2,035 E-cigarette explosion and burn injury related emergency department admissions between 2015 and 2017.

And that can be deadly...

From sciencebasedmedicine.org/vape-


Two Wolves And A Sheep

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. “Mutton” takes the popular vote, but “grass” wins in the Electoral College. The wolves wish they hadn&#…


Can anyone tell me a google-free way to find an answer for questions like „where is the next open pharmacy?“ on the web?

By forgetting to respond to a letter by a bank I accidentally paid 0,10 Euros of capital yields tax in the last two years. The bank could print me a receipt about it and could claim it back at my tax declaration. But I stayed strong and didn't. Because 0,10 Euro isn't worth it (the paper, my time, their time).

(Of course investing the time telling you about partially beats the point.)

But then again I am also on record with stating that “quantum mechanics” was a big naming fail to begin with. (And I stand by it.)

From my point of view the naming of the “many world interpretation of quantum mechanics” makes as much as sense as calling the double slit experiment the “double electron experiment”.

Grrrrr … They seem to make stupid laws about everything nowadays. So why is there no law prohibiting inconsistent time traveling stories?

Btw. do modern dating platforms have a field for "preferred interpretation of "?

The wiki article


starts with "not one prediction from quantum mechanics is found to be contradicted by experiments". I wonder, why there is no "Citation Needed" behind it.^^

Don't get me wrong I am not advocating that "quantum mechanics is wrong". But our community will certainly say "no conflict with experiments" until a huge lot of problems have piled up and a new and stronger theory knocks at the door.

So, I just listened two hours to Joscha Bach talking. A lot of what he says is weird and thought provoking. (and so definitely worth listening to)
The sad thing is that he talks a lot about evidence, but most of the theories he talks about don't have (much of) it.
So for me most of his ideas fall into one of two categories. Either I think they are wrong (when they are about maths or physics) or I don't understand them ...
So please don't regard his words as gospel. Cherry picking required!

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J'ai toujours bien aimé Tchebychev pour ces travaux mathématiques bien sûr mais surtout par ce qu'il nous a laissé une grande liberté pour orthographier son nom 😂

(source math.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/~)

#maths #mathematics

Kennt Ihr dieses Gefühl, wenn man sich gerade die Zähne geputzt hat und auf einmal auf irgendeine leckre Kleinigkeit stößt, die am besten noch schnell weg sollte?

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Timothy Browning has discovered that

This settles all but one case of which two-digit numbers can be represented as a sum of three cubes. The remaining case is \(n=42\).

For more, see gilkalai.wordpress.com/2019/03 (where I found out about this) or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sums_of_ (new article I wrote once I found out).

Hey, is there way to configure my @nextcloud desktop sync client on linux to read my credentials from a config file or even call `pass` to get it?

I don't feel like installing gnome-keyring for just this one application.

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