I always think that continous integration has a very strong gamification vibe.

My dream? A client as fancy as element but as snappy as weechat.

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"So you know when you’re flopping about at home, minding your own business, drinking from your water bottle in a way that does not possess any intent to subvert the Commonwealth of Australia?"

"For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites."

this is the perfect blogpost and you can't convince me otherwise.

After my update to nixos 20.09 there where a lot of meaning full changes. But what I liked most is that my newest Gnome now respects my selected system font: B612!

Are there by the way write-only mastodon clients?

I wanna share my thoughts when I have them, but read others only when I have the time.

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My mum: "Hey you can just play your music via the bluetooth boxes!"
Me: "Can I?" *Thinking anxiously of my pulseaudio and all the other brittle feeling sound components in my gnome system*
Mum: "Yeah, it's easy! Just turn the box on with the button and connect your device"
Me: "Uh, okay" *sweat*
*presses connect in gnome menu*
*it works* \o/

I like exploring multitasking concepts.

While I have long been acquainted with respawn time studying I am now exploring the wonders of compile time farming.

"Of course I also sometimes fall into the trap of applying mathematical structures to real life concepts. But normally I quickly see the error of my ways and flee back into my tower." 😉

"Both and have the intention to talk about facts. The difference is that mathematics leans towards facts you can proof where philosophy leans towards facts that matter.

But that doesn't mean that mathematics doesn't occasionally stumble over something useful or philosophy over something right."

This is a really interesting article. It makes me also think more clearly about design differences between and and maybe where haskell could learn from rust.

Munich main station in the sun set.

It's much more beautiful than it sounds.

The good health wishes in public transport are well meant but they increasingly sound like orders to me...

`kill -9 $(pgrep "wineserver|\\.exe")` 🙁

I will call my autobiography “Cold tea from yesterday”

TIL: You can really screw up green tea by letting it steep to long.

6h train ride and no food, which would be an excuse to put of my mask for a minute...

As usual my preparedness is substellar.

"Intelligenz - Schuf eine kleine Mutation den Menschen?"

Intelligenz schuf jedenfalls nicht diese Schlagzeile.

(oder zumindest die Intention, präzise über Evolution zu reden.)

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#Element (formerly #RiotIM) is now published on F-Droid: f-droid.org/packages/im.vector

This is a new app replacing both Riot.im and RiotX, it's based on the RiotX codebase.

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