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So that's the plan:

1. get my life under control
2. save the world

Stuck in step one for the past few decades …

Gerade folgende Übungsaufgabe erstellt. Ich habe Spaß … 😈

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Hi fediverse,
for my research I need to transcribe interviews. I would like to use speech to text software to speed up the process but since it's sensitive data I need something trustworthy (best open source) and offline. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Thank You =)

Oh, boy …

I really just wanted to quickly migrate my blog to a new static site generator …

A few minutes later I am reading a 350 page book about web design …

You would think that a reader is not something that would bring you much innovation nowadays.

But the newest has in-document link previews on hover, which is super useful when reading papers. Nice!

Oh, I also get segfaults once in a while since upgrading, so there is that …

Update all my systems to 21.05.
CIs are green. Everything works. 40 is nice.

I am satisfied.

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I keep thinking something is wrong with my fonts, I must be a typochondriac.

2020 muss ein sehr trauriges Jahr für eine Kulturhauptstadt gewesen sein.

Rijeka wurde zur Kulturhauptstadt Europas 2020 gewählt. Das Kulturhauptstadt-Jahr steht in Rijeka unter dem selbstgewählten Motto „Hafen der Vielfalt“. Vorgesehen sind mehr als 300 Programmpunkte mit mehr als 600 Events.

The dependent types GHC proposal has been accepted. 🎉

I sincerely believe that this has the potential to make the dark type level magic a lot of people fear for much more accessible and less frightening in the long run. Let’s see if that will happen.

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* [new branch] release-21.05 -> origin/release-21.05

okapi branchoff 🎉

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It's been a wild journey, and it's finally there: ALL the GNOME extensions [you may want to install] are now packaged in Nixpkgs. (That's 466 at the moment.) They should pop up on soon™.

Sorry für den Twitter Link aber ich habe gerade dank @Kurt_C_Hose den Account von DB Cargo gefunden. Es ist definitiv der beste Twitter Account, den ich je gesehen haben. Quasi jeder Tweet absolutes Gold!

Hat den schon jemand nach Mastodon gebridged?

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A quick way to see whether a #NixOS PR has propagated to the various channels:

Very neat tool by @qyliss

The community is a perfect fit for @matrix. Hosting a server is not very hard with . As of now, after 2 days, we have about 150 servers (for 380 users) participating in the chat. We essentially are now self-hosting our communication by the community as a whole. The level of decentralization and robustness that we have achieved after two days of is unparalleled by anything that we could achieve with any of the contenders. This is amazing!

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"Is that hoard what I think it is?" the knight asked.
"I don't know what you think," the dragon said.
"But... Why not put them to work? They can make you rich!"
"Can I sleep on what they produce?"
"Well, no."
The dragon stretched out on the hoard of graphics cards.
"I am rich."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Hey, Fediverse whats your favorite /#rainradar app for Android?

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Lastenanhänger für mein Fahrrad. Für größere Einkäufe etc.. Würde jetzt aber auch nicht super viel investieren wollen. Hat da jemand Tipps was man so will oder sogar im Raum was rumstehen, was man abgeben wollen würde?

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