On I learned the word .

It means the reflex to try to solve any problem with technology, without questioning the assumption if every societal problem can be solved with technology.

There is, by the way, one very important side effect of this: Once we give a problem to a computer to solve, it’s suddenly not our problem any more. If it goes wrong, that’s a technicality now. A great way to deflect responsibility.

Slightly tangential, but this is also a very interesting thought if you think of markets as a technology.

@maralorn There's an important rule about digitalization that goss into a similar direction: If you digitize a shitty process, you'll get a shitty, digital process.

@bastelwombat Yeah, and now consider that one of the topics of was, how the EU wants to digitize immigration control …

@maralorn technosolutionism is accountability laundering
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