We sing a piece from the 16th century. The text is from the bible (and in latin). Normally I don't expect anything fancy from that. But this one line translates to

"Don't go the way of the one who mocks, but go the way of the one who thinks."

Seems very appropriate for our times as well.

I feel ripped out of my fantasy world, when I tell someone that I am a strong proponent of using modern, reliable programming languages and get the answer "I wholeheartedly agree, that's why at my company we have upgraded all our code to php 7.4."

I have to admit solving every minor scripting problem I have in can be a bit time consuming, but
a) I am getting faster
b) I am learning a lot
c) the resulting scripts feel high quality and robust
d) it‘s really easy and quick to extend the solution into something more feature rich

The point d) is what amazes me the most. Once you have a working prototype refactoring and extending it is really fast and the fear of breaking what you already have is really small.

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In der Komponisten-WG.
Küche, des Sonntag morgens.
Bach (von rechts)

BACH: Räumt die Küche auf, räumt sie auf, die Küche räumt auf, räuhäuhäuhäuhäuhäuhäumt sie auf, ahahauf, ahahauf, ahahahahahahahahahahahahauf. Räumet die Küche! Die Küche räumet! Räuhäuhäuhäuhäuhäuhäumet -

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sdinter/status/121

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ankiweb.net says:

Email Delivered
0 minute(s) ago, your email provider accepted the email we sent.

before it said

We send you an email but it hasn‘t been accepted by your email provider.
Refresh this page to check again.

This is a truly awesome feature for websites who send verification emails!

@joepie91 @ikonoklast It's what he said on twitter. But it doesn't really matter if it's plausible. It's his choice. And while I think it's sad, we should respect it.

@pinkprius @ikonoklast I am not sure. He talked about it on Twitter. Also c3voc might know more.

@ikonoklast He explicitly didn't want it to be recorded, because the Internet is a not a good discussion platform. (my rephrasing). That it got recorded in the first place was an error.

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stuffed animals 

@vilbi Also laut dem Vortrag ist der IC am pünktlichsten und der EC mit Abstand am unpünktlichsten. (Subjektiv teile ich das. Der hat mich schon mehrfach enttäuscht.)

All the angels on are doing a marvelous job. Everything is running smooth and well prepared. The information services like the wiki are maintained nicely. Here at @c3infodesk we get a lot less problems to solve than in the last years. I am impressed!

Noch sieht eins es nur mit wachsamen Auge... Uneingeweihte Reisende wissen nicht was hier los ist...

Doch die Wissenden sind voller Spannung und freudiger Erwartung.

Da sitzt ein Mensch mit Mate, dort hat jemand einen Cyberwehrsticker...

Die Anzeichen verdichten sich...

Die Hacker_innenkonzentration auch.

[x] Pünktliche Abfahrt
[x] Warm und bequemer Sitzplatz im Ruhewagen (in Fahrtrichtung)
[x] Stromversorgung
[x] WLAN
[x] Comfort Check-In erfolgreich
[x] Ticket hat 19€ gekostet.

Stimmung: Zufrieden, optimistisch

Alle Jahre wieder der gleiche Scherz. Bald verstehen ihn nur noch alte Hasen.

Auf zum Kongress!

(Advice: If you don't care about filter the hashtag out. I will try to tag every related toot with it.)

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German patient data, Petition 

My humor is widely regarded as being puntastic!

So, jetzt erstmal eine Ganz Große Tasse Tee. /cc @MRMCD

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