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German patient data, Petition 

My humor is widely regarded as being puntastic!

So, jetzt erstmal eine Ganz Große Tasse Tee. /cc @MRMCD

That feeling when you think your IDE has crashed, but then you realize that the suspicious absence of any error messages is actually caused by your code being correct …

So, now, the CDU is in support of open source software. This confuses me a lot. Cui bono? Or is there something wrong with open source?

When you read up on a web comic you just found and would actually like to share every (maybe every second) comic you read, because they are all so great …

So I will subsume this in this recommendation:

So did you always wonder, what this CCC stuff is all about? What does that even mean chaos? I did, too. But now I found a plausible explanation:

It’s the Chaos on Computers Club. So when you are one of those people who can‘t see their desktop wallpaper because of years of .doc documents piling up on your desktop, this is your club!

Is there a name for “this movie is really bad for various reasons but I (grew attached to the characters and) really need to know the end” effect?

I feel it applies to roughly half the media I consume.

Always when I am looking for an easy to remember DECT number for CCC events my brain is like: „You already have a 4 digit number, that you have to remember anyways. Why not use your credit card pin?“


Ist eine Sortierung eigentlich ein Co-Misch?

When the creation of the tax declaration ends in a bug report against your accounting software …

Kudos an Mainz.

Hätte nicht gedacht, dass es hier auf dem Berg überhaupt Internet gibt, aber das WLAN ist Spitze.

I think this is a really interesting article about how people experience live very differently. It resonates with my own experience with a lot of people. And it highlights a big reason why it's so hard to reach consensus on a lot of topics.

Different Worlds

Ich lese in diesem Lineare-Algebra-Buch dauernd "Ker C". Finde das sehr adventlich.

Kassierer: „Entschuldigung, wissen was das ist?“
Ich: „Nein, keine Ahnung. Das lag unbeschriftet rum, aber es sah lecker aus.“
Kassierer: „Hm, in meinen Backwarenbildchen hier, finde ich es auch nicht.“
Ich: „Sind Sie sicher, dass sie sowas hier überhaupt verkaufen?“
Kassierer: „Nun, dann kostet es wohl 50ct.“
Bon: „Obst/Sonstiges“

Ich glaube ich habe dabei ein gutes Geschäft gemacht …

Ach mathematische Fachbegriffe...

Ich so: Atomarer Verband
Duckduckgo so: Meinten Sie Flugzeugträgerkampfgruppe?

I am not sure about the meaning, but we should be looking for a usage for the word "alpacalypse".

This talk is just beautiful:

It‘s a fairy tale about side effects in Haskell.

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