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Mein Name ist Joachim von Hassel.
Ich bin Pilot der Bundeswehr.

ffplay -f lavfi -i life=s=400x300:mold=10:r=30:ratio=0.1:death_color=#C83232:life_color=#00ff00,scale=1200:800:flags=32 # Play Conway's Game of Life using ffmpeg's ffplay. From

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"Just download 800kB of pixels for a joke that you read"
"It's okay, there's alt text"
"We have a CDN"
- statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

"Content-Type: image/jpeg"
They have played us for absolute fools.

It's so weird that almost all animals like to be scratched and humans like scratching animals.

If you're annoyed by the fact that in the year 2021 we're still manually creating IC footprints from PDF drawings, prepare your soul for manually writing register definitions based on a word document once converted to PDF

@ktemkin you often see (m/w/d) specified in job offer titles, and it means: männlich, weiß, deutsch

I will be streaming today at 2030 GMT (UTC) over on Twitch. Come join me for a chill electronics let's play as I continue working on MXKeyboard and attempt to debug the USB Device driver for the device!

I just passed my Colloquium with 14 out of 15 points!

I would like to see more ace content even though I am not.

Sex(ual stuff) as the main motivation for a character has been a bad movie trope for way too long.

"Capitalism is a monster painstakingly shackled in centuries of labor struggle that eats people and shits gold. What we've witnessed in recent decades is how the people the gold is shat on have broken the chains of the monster so that it eats more people and shits more gold again, and one can only hope that these people will eventually be smashed to death by the falling nuggets of gold."

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"Der Kapitalismus ist ein in jahrhundertelangem Arbeitskampf mühsam gefesseltes Monster, das Menschen frisst und Gold scheißt. Was wir in den letzten Jahrzehnten miterlebt haben, ist, wie die Leute, auf die das Gold geschissen wird, die Ketten des Monsters gesprengt haben, damit es wieder mehr Menschen frisst und noch mehr Gold scheißt und man kann nur hoffen, dass diese Leute irgendwann von den herabfallenden Goldklumpen erschlagen werden."

~ Marc-Uwe Kling

Der Kapitalismus ist ein in jahrhundertelangem Arbeitskampf mühsam gefesseltes Monster, das Qualität frisst und Quanität scheißt.

Hey! Has anyone here access to invitations for

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