@marble idea: wrist sundial but with a compass so you can find north :thonking:

@polychrome @marble
make it digital and you can add a distance meter to it

@marble @polychrome But then one could also the clock in his phone 🤔

@marble judging by how instead of XII, it has IIX, i think it's supposed to be the other way around...

@devurandom Hm, yeah.
I think it's just the 12 that's the wrong way around.

@marble @devurandom All the other numerals seem the right way around; not sure if it's a bug or a "kooky" feature though.

Either way, it's a fun piece of kit. Where did you obtain it?

@marble @DaveHiggins ah, yes, i misread that. on a standard sundial in the northern hemisphere, the 12 hour point faces north, so i guess indeed the only issue is the wrong-facing number XII.

@DaveHiggins @marble @devurandom 11 and 12 are wrong. The left side reads “5 6 7 8 9 10 9 … something (IIX)”

@nueh @marble @devurandom Hmmm... so, it's some sort of #freaky time-machine.

But who would want to fold 11 am into its own pocket dimension?

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