Is there a way to (easily) measure or calculate the output impedance of a 2.4GHz RF IC?

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@mur2501 I don't know the internals of the IC. The datasheet doesn't give me the impedance.

I want to match the signal from the IC for 50 Ohms and then for the antenna.

I think one way is to use a signal generator and an oscilloscope with a rheostat to measure impedance

@marble I have no qualification or knowledge in this field, but here's what I'd try:

Build a PCB with pads for impedance matching networks (T or 𝜋).

Get C/Ls for the matching circuits that are "around the impedance you suspect, e.g. +/- 5 and 10 Ohms.

Build and measure power radiated from the antenna (you know has 50 Ohms).

Try to interpolate and build final circuit for max. power output radiated.

Someone please tell me if this is a particularly pragmatic, stupid or smart approach.

@vogelchr Yeah. I though I could measure the amplitude in open circuit and under different loads (R, C, L). and based on the frequency and difference in amplitude calculate the internal impedance.

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