Hey everyone, a new build of my new mastodon app is now here, and it's better than ever!

You can get it over at: testflight.apple.com/join/hYFR

Also, to all our friends from India who've just joined, hello! This is the app you want for iOS. Aiming for it to be the gold standard. 💙

(Please boost to raise awareness, a new mastodon app is coming)

@JPEG I just joined the beta and installed the 1.0.13 build. How do I sign into my first instance? Everything is empty with just the tabs at the bottom, the segmented Switcher at the top, sort and create buttons, an empty list in the middle, and that‘s it. Force-quitting the app also doesn‘t help, I am not prompted to sign into my first instance.



@marco @JPEG OK, that initial setup screen is not seen by VoiceOver. Turning it off and tapping in random places eventually brought up the keyboard for the instance name. Even then, the text field was not visible to VoiceOver. Entering the instance and hitting Done then brought up the web interface to log in as usual. That initial screen looks like the elements are not accessibility elements.

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