Hey everyone, a new build of my new mastodon app is now here, and it's better than ever!

You can get it over at: testflight.apple.com/join/hYFR

Also, to all our friends from India who've just joined, hello! This is the app you want for iOS. Aiming for it to be the gold standard. 💙

(Please boost to raise awareness, a new mastodon app is coming)

@JPEG I just joined the beta and installed the 1.0.13 build. How do I sign into my first instance? Everything is empty with just the tabs at the bottom, the segmented Switcher at the top, sort and create buttons, an empty list in the middle, and that‘s it. Force-quitting the app also doesn‘t help, I am not prompted to sign into my first instance.


@marco @JPEG Honestly! I hav tryed hard to get mast more accessible since in the beginning it seemed to be a quite good app. However, the develloper does not show any interest to wokr on it. From update to update it got worse, and finally I could not use mast any more at all! I am fed up with it and it‘s develloper.

@balouqlc @JPEG oh well, this second version looks very promising. It seems to be completely rewritten. And what I found are hiccups I’d expect from an early beta.

@marco Hey, apologies about the accessibility issues. I shall work on resolving that.


@JPEG Thank you! Your toot just uncovered a problem with replies. Yours, although it got to the correct thread, addressed a marco at mastodon.technology, not marco at chaos.social, which is where I am at. So there seems to be a problem with adding the right user names to the replies, although the threading remains intact.

@JPEG Also, there does not seem to be a Reply to all functionality yet. Or this has something to do with the other problem.

I also found a few more missing AccessibilityLabels:

* All buttons above the keyboard when composing a toot or reply are missing their labels.
* Several buttons on the Profile tab are also missing their labels.

@JPEG When viewing a thread or toot details, the item that brings up the favorites/boosts is just labeled "x y", where both x and y are numbers of boosts and favs. For example "0 0". This should be something meaningful like x boosts and y favorites".

The AccessibilityLabel for a toot should include the full user name near the end, if that user is not from one's own instance. Also, if this is a boost, that info should be appended at the end, like "boosted by <username">.

@JPEG If a toot contains images, that information should be included in the AccessibilityLabel for a toot item, too.

And finally, in the main timeline screens, links, user names, hash tags, as well as the embedded buttons should all be exposed via AccessibilityCustomActions. iOS 13 contains some new APIs which make dynamic actions a lot easier than previous versions.

Mast 2 is really good, and these enhancements will make it really shine when using it with VoiceOver.

@marco Thank you for all the insight and suggestions! (Replying from the web version to ensure this reaches you correctly for now until I resolve the app). I'll take this all onboard and make a note of it to get it working for a future version of the beta. The reply all functionality is tied to the other issue, and will be recreating the toot composer sometime soon. I'm really glad you're enjoying the app so far, I really do want to make this as accessible as I can, so I appreciate your help.

@JPEG Thank you! Also for the fixes already in this new beta! It is good to see steady progress with each one. Every little change matters, and these will make the app really awesome with VoiceOver and other accessibility features. Can't wait to toot my first image with a description from it. :)

@marco Thank you for the kind words! I hope to make the app work as best as it can for you.

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