Can someone suggest an alternative to the Google Authenticator for iOS?

@marinade You could take a look at Authy but be aware they do have Cloud-Sync (so your secrets are stored with them) and a quite strong vendor-lock-in (you will not get your secrets back from them without tricks so maybe keep an own secure backup of them)…

@marinade In case you want to host your own solution: Hashicorp Vault ( has TOTP support and I wrote my own frontend for that one (…

That way you'd have full control over your data and would retrieve your codes through the browser on your device.

@luzifer thank you! I’m going to take a look on your suggestions, they seem very promising!

@marinade if case you are using 1Password, it’s also included there.

@janj I’m using Bitwarden to keep my passwords but I don’t want my two-factors being stored at the same place my passwords are :D nevertheless: thank you for your help!

@marinade I do use my 1Password as a two factor authentication. I know it is not perfect, but still is good enough if passwords from a service are leaked.^^

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