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I wish every car a rapid unscheduled disassembly

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Friendly Reminder that cars dont belong in our cities

OH: "Dashboard, Dashboard an der wand, wer ist der Heißeste Server im ganzen land"

wir sind jetzt an dem punkt angekommen, an dem ich wild in upstream code rumsuche...

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I really hope you don't know what heavy lossy encoding sounds like because if you do you can't enjoy eurovisions youtube uploads / streams

evelyn can have a little 60x100mm cable raceway all around her room as a treat 🥺

I'm back on my bullshit extracting data from WebMapServices that is not supposed to be a public layer but was used by a query to make the ui moar pretty in one place

I don't like window decorations what are they good for? closing a window? I have key keyboard shortcut for that. moving windows around? I have a modifier key to grab and more keyboard shortcuts for that.

rust developers be like "do yeet" and I think that's beautiful


Damn why are you so unhinged? *carries away the door*

> Also supports Shadertoy style GLSL shaders as wallpapers 👀

duck duck fedi whats a well documented immutable linux distro that's rolling release and feature parity with arch?

one part of me wants a pretty desktop with transparency and pretty widgets, the other part of me wants everything #000 and applications in fullscreen.
The logical solution here is to have a desktop-enviorment nested inside a tiling-compositor right?


web3? oh you mean http3! yeah that's pretty neat tech

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