Is it ok to use slack for an internal chat for sysadmins?

He's something funny I heard.
I have a friend who interned at Facebook (he now has a job offer), so the knows a bit about the company internal communication.

Practically all internal communication is done with Facebook, because why not? It's the lowest common denominator. Messaging is done through Facebook messenger, teams are private groups, etc.
Except one group has resisted this: the sysadmins.
Sysadmins need to be able to communicate at all times, /especially/ if things aren't working. And it turns out that there's no way to make sure things like Facebook messenger always work—especially during outages. They're just too damn complicated.
So, they came to a compromise. The rest of the company will move to Facebook, and the sysadmins will stay on IRC, the communication platform they know they can rely on.

When Facebook's on fire and the company is panicking because they can't communicate, you can be sure of one thing: the sysadmins are chatting away on IRC about how to get it working again.


@pounce @sir @Wolf480pl this is not solely a problem of Facebook and the greatness of IRC. Any system will go down at times and if you are the one to bring it up again you better have another way than that system to communicate. Of course, IRC being a battle-proven and resource-friendly technology is a good choice for this. Yet, unless you are operating Slack, you can of course also use that. Just have a backup plan on what you do if your Internet, or Slack, goes down.

@marix @pounce @sir
You can also observe over a period of a year or two how often slack goes down vs how often IRC goes down.

You'll notice that slack always goes down then you need it the most.

OTOH, IRC never goes down. Sometimes it has netsplits, but even then you can still communicate with some of the people in the channel, and you can hop servers to find everyone else.

IOW, IRC is more resilient.

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