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massive dimensions of destruction: open-pit coal mines in germany.

We need to stop that, but our government won't help us.

video by @Joanie

#BurnCapitalismNotCoal #SystemChangeNotClimateChange

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Idea, festival in the Netherlands, any boat owners who would come?

Karl Popper quote 

I hold that the person who teaches that not reason but love should rule opens the way for those who rule by hate.

Help your enemies; assist those in distress, even if they hate you; but love only your friends.

Karl Popper - The Open Society and its enemies
Chapter 24: Oracular Philosophy and the Revolt against Reason

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Karl Popper quote 

The Open Society and Its Enemies [1945]
Chapter 19 - The social revolution

the use of violence is justified only under a tyranny which makes reforms without violence impossible, and it should have only one aim, that is, to bring about a state of affairs which makes reform possible... There is only one further use of violence which I consider justified. The resistance... to any attack against the democratic constitution and the use of democratic methods.

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Couple of protestors in Amsterdam, wanted to project the George Floyd video on the US consulate in Amsterdam. Dutch police forbid this, stating that you cannot project on US soil. They also wanted to forbid taking pictures of the building, but let that happen. In the end the police suggested to project the video on the ground before the consulate. Which is what happened.

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Wanted take pictures with a decent camera. Which I now carry as dead weight. Forgot to take a memory card.

More phone pictures of (centrum) by night it is...

COVID-19, tech for democracy is a civic tech community from Taiwan. They promote decentralization and encourage citizens to participate in public affairs by making public data available and protecting private data.

This article discusses the role of tech not build by oppressive governments or gigantic corporations but by hackers working together in a tech-enabled civic culture. The article emphasizes its importance especially in times of crisis.

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Two films about the Great Outdoors that might make you feel good about staying at home:

La vallée (Barbet Schroeder, 1972)
Essential Killing (Skolimowski, 2010)


DemocracyNow published an interview with Dr. Michele Barry, director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University. I recommend reading the transcript.

The dense interview provides a lot of information that helped me to better understand what is going on.

To name a few of the many topics:
What are SARS, Corona and COVID-19? What does deforestation and climate change have to do with it? What do we know about spread, reinfection and cure?

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Fabulous hack day, very nice vibe. We had lots of analogue synth stuff mixed together with other instruments and singing, people working laptops, jewelry hacking, supercollider project with network metadata input, fediverse images projected on a big screen. Lots of snacks and drinks.

Doing this again next month, perhaps different projects.

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Some advice for anyone experiencing (heavy) surveilliance:

Do you know tails? Many of us use it, and it was what snowden used to communicate (keeping him hidden and safe)

Its a live operating system focused on privacy, anonymity and easy to use.

Even if you're not tech savy, you will be capable of using it, promise!

Here some basics how it works:

- it will be installed on a USB or DVD
- nothing will be installed on the computer so you can use it on kind of any computer
- every internet connection is routed through tor (an anonymizing service, that is actually much more then that)
- webbrowser can only access one specific folder, protecting your system from browser vulnerability
- once you shut down tails, it makes shure to leave no/as little as possible trace on the computer you used. It does so by overwriting RAM.
- it comes with strong encryption to permanently store data on your usb
- it comes with basic tools for secure communication
- easy to install

stay safe, use #tails (or anything similiar)

more info here:

#anonymity #tor #linux

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The city of #Bern wants to keep Google and Microsoft out of their schools! 🎆

Schools are experimenting with Collabora (Nexcloud), Kolab, Mahara, Mattermost and Moodle. ❤️

Some, of course, complain for the minor incompatibilities, e.g., with MS Word, but they should blame themselves for not having used Open-Standards in the first place!

Full article (in German only):

If you know other cities running similar initiatives please reply.

FuckOff #GAFAM

The New Yorker published a great article about William Gibson. It not only gives insights on how he writes science fiction but also on how he perceived the advent of the "online world", observing how cyberspace (a term that he coined in 1984) has turned inside out, now consuming the world that once surrounded it. A must read for every Gibson fan.

In the category 'falsely attributed quotes':

"I only maintain that it is we, and we alone who are responsible for adopting or rejecting some suggested moral laws; it is we who must distinguish between the true prophets and the false prophets. Whatever authority we may accept, it is we who accepted it. We only deceive ourselves if we don't realize this simple point."
- Donald J. Trump – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community